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www.cafemam.com yummy!
i have had a ton of luck with kirkman labs vitamins. they have powder forms of amino acids and other things. http://www.kirkmanlabs.com/
EO brand has a natural sanitizer.... http://www.reallynatural.com/archive...nd%20Wipes.jpg i think you can buy it at whole foods.
we are, and have been. he is extremely picky, and i choose not to battle foods with him. i offer everyone the same, healthy food choices at meal time and encourage him to try new things. so, rather than have a constant battle over food, we also are upping his CLO, probiotics and making sure he gets tons of excersize. i wouldn't be so quick to judge me on one post, gitti.
my ds has consant "chapped lips" which is really just red, scratchy, scaly skin around his bottom lips, it gets worse cuz he always licks it. he also has cradle cap, peeling fingernails and a LOT of earwax. our ND said this is most likely because he eats a ton of carbs and very few healthy oils/fats. so we have put him on a high dose of cod liver oil, and after 2 weeks its been getting lots better. HTH.
my ds has this problem, and our ND said that for him it has to do with not getting enough essential fatty acids, so we've put him on cod liver oil. HTH.
i use kirman labs for my kids vitamins, too! they are really great. we get the amino acid powder support, the b-6/magnesium and i just got a sample of their multi vitamin. my youngest child who hates cod liver oil, doesn't mind their lemon-lime flavor. good luck, i hope it helps!
i'm glad it went well for you. waiting for doctor appts can be so frustrating.
we just went through this with our son, and it was better then we expected. how did it go?
my ds has cradle cap, he's 5. at our last ND visit, she told me that it has to do with not eating enough healthy fats and oils. he is now on cod-liver oil, after a few weeks, it should help. we'll see. i do not think hair washing has ANYTHING to do with it, at all.
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