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I think it is a particular family thing. I am Mexican/American who grew up in Southern CA in a predominately white/jewish area. I really think there are certain expectations culturally here in El Paso - that is not necessarily one of them. He may seem to think so, because he is "protecting" his family or rather dismissing that they were weird about that. My family in CA is mostly Italian and it was common for us to help my mom clean up. Here in El Paso, my aunt usually...
Quote: Originally Posted by bestjob Dd (15) gets $10 cash, $10 in her bank account (no debit card yet) and $75 in clothing allowance each month. She's starting her first job in a few weeks and we will talk about the benefits of saving. I think we also might put a small requirement so that she saves the bare minimum and learns how what she does makes a big difference. Ds (12) gets $10 cash, $10 in the bank, and his clothing allowance ($75) will start...
I really prefer using my food mill for the beginning stages of babyfood, because there can be hidden chunks in food processing sometimes. I have a larger food mill and a portable one i bought from Target. I use the portable one daily to make fresh baby food. When your baby is ok with chunkier food I think the immersion blender can be easier as long as you are not making really small quantities. If I am making food to store, I find my food processor easiest.
Quote: Originally Posted by jennlyn Maybe it sounds silly, but do you regularly tell your DH how much you appreciate him and are thankful that he is working and bringing home an income that supports you and the children? So many are out of work now, and an extra bit of encouragement never hurt anyone. I know I love it when DH tells me how much he enjoyed a meal I made, or that the house looks nice and he likes being complimented too. If you are already...
nevermind... found one
I would love to find a pedatrician in El Paso TX that is openminded regarding delayed/non vaxing? Can anyone recommend one? thanks so much!!
I try not to use our oven here in the summer. I have a convection toaster oven that works great - it is a delonghi. I got it at Williams Sonoma. It was about $200, but it was a gift from my parents. It does well for baking. Mostly.. I use my crockpot, my breadmachine, and if you do chicken enough, it would be good to get a rotisserie. I have never heard of a landlord not having an oven.. as a landlord, I would never think of renting our condo without one! good luck
I really love Desert Essence Shampoo and Conditioner. They are paraben free. I have the apple ginger scent and it smells great, also detangles my curly hair really well. I have super tangly hair
try boxers or boxer briefs that are looser. I seem to think that since my DS was CDed he would think he was wearing a dipe when wearing briefs. We had him go naked or with boxers or boxers under his clothes. For some reason when I would put briefs on under his clothes, he would have accidents. Not sure if that makes sense, but it worked for us. It took longer for my DS to potty train than for my DD. It sounds funny, but his big insentive to PT was to play in the kids area...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aka mommy Kegels never helped with this, but regular cranberry supplements have been a lifesaver for me! My mom is in her 50s and started taking them as well (after 5 kids it was happening to her even not pregnant) and it has helped her a lot as well. I am going to try this. I am in the same club this is my 4th baby and it is worse this time around
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