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I don't think this is the kind of thing that there can be a blanket statement for. It's a question that each family has to sort out for themselves. My boys are 10, 8 and 6. We've discussed the TTC situation with them in regards to how it would affect their lives. We did not tell them when we were pregnant, or when we miscarried. That would have been very traumatic for them, and they've had a lot of extra stress lately. At another time we might tell them and let them go...
Since he's already getting services, and that seems like all he needs for right now, I'd wait to get a dx. It's normal for little kids, especially under 4/5 to be quirky I think it'd be easy to misdiagnose. You might have a clearer picture later, when he's outgrown some of the behavior, and ultimately this may lead to more useful services. That's just my opinion as a Mom, a mom with two kids in the spectrum, but a Mom. Kiley
I had a waterbirth. I had a pool but it was less useful than expected. The water was FABULOUS, but I ended up birthing in the bathtub. I had very large tub at the time. Now my tub is small, so I'll have a pool and I'm sure it'll be my best friend. Kiley
I'm not messing around with Prime at all. I've had two c/s, and one UBA2C. I think they'd probably give me a hard time. They currently have a no VBAC policy. I forget the exact wording, but I read it a week or two ago. They've flip flopped on that issue, so they could start allowing it, but I'm not going to be a casualty of their double mindedness. I don't want any routine ultrasound, so I'm fine there. I have an OB who'll order stuff like that if there's a problem, as...
Number one was a six day induction and c/s. Number two was a couple hours short of that one, and also a c/s. Number three was a UBA2C, mostly in water. It took 36 hours of hard labor, and several weeks of in and out of prodromal labor before that. I had a friend who's labors got faster and faster, then number six was a long one, then seven and eight were pretty fast. So, the rule pretty loose. You know how babies are, they all have their own style. Kiley
I hope you are OK and holding your baby. I had a UBA2C six years ago at two days shy of 44 weeks. It's not that unusual to go to 44 weeks, and a very small percentage of pregnancies will go beyond 44 weeks. It's almost always healthier and safer for the baby and for the mom. If you've had another surgery, I hope your recovery is an easy one, and your baby isn't harmed. Hugs! Kiley
Hi! I had a UBA2C six years ago, and am hoping to have a second one sometime in the next year or so. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope you have a great pregnancy and birth. Kiley
I'd take it all with a grain of salt. I think some surgeons exagerate in order to make a stronger case for doing more surgeries. He may have seen a "window", which is where the uterine wall is so thin you can see through it, but that does not necessarily mean it would have ruptured had she birthed vaginally. We just don't know for sure. There are also different kinds of ruptures. There are small ruptures that don't cause much trouble, and larger ones that are potentially...
I don't know what to do that you're not already doing. I've always talked my guys through changes, given them advance notice whenever possible even about little things. Those things help, but it sounds like your doing all that. HUGS! Kiley
Michelle, Your Doctor sounds a lot smarter than most I've met or heard of. I was induced after a c/s, for no good reason. They gave me pitocin for 5 days straight on a scarred uterus, and threatened me with CPS if I didn't comply. Pure madness! Glad to hear there are some sensible OBs out there! Kiley
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