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  I'm in Chicago and I'm flying to Idaho.
Ladies... any suggestions would be appreciated.   I'm visiting an old high school friend that I haven't seen in many years and meeting her children for the first time. She has a teenage daughter and a 6 year old son. For the son, I bought a Lego set. For the daughter, I bought a designer clutch purse. But I'm struggling on what to get my friend. I'd like to splurge on her a little because she went out of her way to be in my wedding many years ago.   Thanks so...
My dd is entering CPS K this fall, her school has before and after care for a fee through the YMCA. You might want to contact the school.
I'm in Ravenswood, I have two kiddos.
It varies for us, we don't do a first or second birthday party other than family get together with cake and presents. So that would be under $100. But now that they're older we spend close to $400.
1-2 times a week.
Good for you!   We check prices almost every year, this year's winner is Geico.
I would find another place to repair it for less than $1800 and get it fixed.
Awesome deal, thanks so much for sharing!
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