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I don't have experience with the heart defect but my DD was preemie and in the NICU. Not knowing when she was coming home was the most frustrating part. It was two steps forward, one step back but then one day we came in and she was off the monitors and in a regular bassinet. We knew then she would be coming home with us the next day! It was the most wonderful feeling! At the time it seemed like she was in NICU forever but now a year later it seems sooo long ago and I...
Quote: Originally Posted by CallMeMommy I'd ask how items 1-6 pertain at all to your infant, sexually-inactive, son (as they all referenced men) and show the links disproving items 7 and 8. Really good points!!! DH is not the type to force this on our son if I'm opposed to it but I'd really like him to be supportive and educated.
My husband sent me this in an email. I don't know where it comes from but can anyone help me with this? I know some of this isn't true but I'd like to give him good info when I respond. TIA Quote: Are there benefits from circumcision? There are several: 1 Many older men, who have bladder or prostate gland problems, also develop difficulties with their foreskins due to their surgeon's handling, cleaning, and using instruments. Some of these patients will...
I've heard that if you are going back to work you should introduce the bottle around 4 weeks to minimize the chance of the baby rejecting it. I don't know if there is any science behind that number but it does make sense to start a few weeks before returning to work so you can work out any issues that might come up with bottle feeding. Make sure to keep your baby on the slow flow nipples even when he/she is big enough for the medium and fast flow nipples. My DD started...
Speaking of winter wonderland ... I better get the decorations up early this year or it might not happen at all!!! One more thing for me to worry about! I guess I'd better do my shopping early too because I could potentially be on bedrest for much of Nov and possibly part of Dec. Yikes!!!! :
I've had pre-e twice now. Swelling in the feet and legs is normal pregnancy stuff. They don't even consider it to be a sign of pre-e anymore. Sudden swelling in the face and hands though can be a sign but at 19 weeks that would mean severe pre-e and possibley HELLP syndrome which is some serious stuff and I think you'd know if you were *that* sick. Still, take your BP to reassure yourself.
I'm a raw milk lover too and IMO it's especially good for pregnant mamas because it contains more vits and minerals. Most food poisoning comes from eating raw/undercooked meats and fresh veggies so I'm not worried about milk/cheese or lunchmeats.
I think if you and your xh agreed to the plan, the judge would be ok with it. However, if your xh opposed to it then the burden of proof would be on you to show the judge how this would benefit the children (better schools, etc). If xh opposes, be careful. Judges like to stick to the status quo and keep the kids in the same school system that they're in already for stability. It could work against you and you could end up being the one with the kids in the summer.
Not in your DDC either but have an Amby that was a life saver with my oldest when he was a newborn. He wouldn't sleep anywhere but on my chest or in my arms until we got the Amby. He loved to nap in it and got to be a great little napper that way. He still didn't sttn until 15 mos old though. He couldn't sleep in the Amby anymore at around 9 months because he wanted to tummy sleep and kept turning over in the Amby then waking because that was quite uncomfy. I put up with...
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