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Congrats! Glad everyone is safe and happy. :)
Yay Wombat! So happy for you:)  Sorry you didn't get your nerdy b-day, but international day of peace is certainly pretty cool! Congrats!
Thanks for all the love! :) I thought I'd add a few pictures from the birth and the next morning.  It's pic heavy (obviously!)                          
Our little one was born tonight after a short easy labor... 11:02 pm, 10 lbs 2 oz, 23 inches long, giant and perfect.  Nursing like a champ (but sleeping now). I'm running on adrenaline, but soon to crash I'm sure.  Here are some pics:) Full name still TBD.        
Well, I definitely feel like a jerk for whining about still being pregnant like an hour ago... I went to the store for 4 things, including dark chocolate which I had 2 bites of on the way home (a friend recommended it offhand as a wives tale sort of labor woo thing, and hey i figure any excuse for dark chocolate is a good one)... Then as I was getting out of the car I thought my tailbone popped a little but it was definitely my water breaking.  Not a giant gush though......
I'm still pregnant.  39 weeks tomorrow, which is well beyond the 36 w 2 d i went with ds. I'm going crazy, and today I've started feeling really emo about it.  Logically I know I won't be pregnant forever, but jeez... I had expected this one to be a bit early also, and now that he's most definitely not, I feel like what's to stop me from going to 42 weeks? I was born 2 weeks "late." The thought of being pregnant for 3 more weeks makes me weepy. Plus I know I'm growing a...
So glad your dh was able to be there for the birth, and congratulations on your new little one! You know we're all looking forward to pics :)
I was dealing with this earlier this week, and still off and on.  Going a couple times a day a little but still feeling like I had to go all the time. I think it's the baby's head compressing the rectum or lower intestines or something. It's no fun!  My only (weird) suggestion is to lean back when you're trying to go instead of the normal sort of bearing down where you'll tend to lean forward. I think it sort of frees up more space for things to get moving.  It helped me...
Yay! Hope this is it for you!
I usually chat with my mom every day at least once, but she's pretty much on call to drop whatever and get here when it's time, so I avoid calling her if at all possible because she'll pick up and frantically say "Hi, is it time!!?!" and I wish nothing more than for it to be time, but it's not (yet). If I have to call her I try to cut her off with "I'm not in labor!"  I've pretty much stopped calling anyone even if I'd like to talk to them, for this reason. Sorry you're...
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