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thatgirlIknew, my husband had an at-fault accident and our insurance went up, but they lowered it a little each time it renewed (every six months, like yours). I think accidents typically stay on your record for three years, or at least that's about how long it took ours to get back to the original cost. If they are not lowering it, it can't hurt to do a little comparison shopping. I hope it goes down at least a little bit for you.
I have 20 first cousins, the oldest is probably 40, or close to it, and the youngest is 12 (I'm 33). My kids have 38 first cousins, and will have two more in the next few months. I'm one of six children and DH is one of ten.
If you go to Winco for gluten-free stuff, make sure you check out their bulk bins. They have several flours and pastas there. I think last I checked xanthum gum was slightlly cheaper on Amazon but like the pp mentioned, you have to buy in bulk on Amazon. I can get just a little scoop from the bulk bin at Winco and it lasts me a long time. DH craves mac and cheese every now and again and hasn't found one he loves yet. He wants to try combining the gluten-free elbow...
Our summer lunch program serves a hot entree, a piece of fruit, a veggie, and milk. This week included a rib sandwich (like a McRib from McDonald's), a chicken patty sandwich, a hamburger, and a hotdog. The fruit changed every day - apples, oranges, pears, bananas. One day the veg was a bag of baby carrots, another it was a piece of raw broccoli, and today it was a celery stick. It's not "ideal" food but they are trying really hard to offer a variety and decent...
frugalmama, if you can grow some lemongrass, it works as a mosquito repellent. You just pick a handful, crumple it, and rub it all over your skin. I'm not sure how long it lasts but it does work.
I just saw this dessert recipe the other day, zebra, and am planning to make it for my DH. You can sub the frozen cherries with something else - strawberries seem to be pretty reasonable, here, lately. It doesn't have anything with gluten in it and still looks delicious.   http://www.melskitchencafe.com/2013/06/berries-on-a-cloud-best-dessert-of-the-summer.html   Do you like rice? We've been eating a lot more rice and sweet potatoes since DH went gluten free....
Happyhats, can I have your recipe for pumpkin baked oatmeal? Two of my favorite things - I've actually thought about trying to combine them, but if you already have a recipe I would love to have it!
Beautifully put.   Have you seen the video of Patrick Stewart talking about his mother and father? His mother was a victim of domestic violence, and his father was a war veteran who, Stewart believes, had PTSD (though at the time no one diagnosed PTSD). He talks very poignantly about how he crusades against domestic violence and for treatment of PTSD in memory of his parents.    Don't know if the link will work, but if you go to Youtube and search, it's called...
178.8 today.
Sorry this has taken so long - I was out of town. The blog is www.melskitchencafe.com. We've also had the sweet balsamic glazed pork loin, the coconut shrimp curry, and the chicken coconut curry. Good stuff!
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