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 I have been on the Well Trained Mind Forum quite a bit when I need advice.  I find when I get stuck at some point in a program there is always someone out there who has already figured out an easy way around it.  Saves me the trouble of having to figure it out myself.  I will have to try that forum out too.  We do tend to take more of a relaxed approach compared to some.  DH isn't super worried luckily.  His main concern for our kids is math and I make sure that gets done...
Going for four - ya I hear you on the driving. Iit would be taxis for me which would be a complete pain every afternoon. DH would do drop off. I do worry though that we don't do enough though but then not sure he will get much more in school. The schools are pretty bad. We only seem to do math, writing and spelling on a regular basis which worries me. He does read a lot though so I feel like he gets exposure to science and history that way. Not sure what we will do
Ya honestly I am pretty detached right now. I do wonder if we made a mistake having a third because of what effect it will have on the two boys we have already. I really want a third but think I am scared about how it will effect our life. Also feel like I will need to put our oldest in school because homeschooling will be to much which makes me feel guilty too.
had this a few weeks back, even posted about it.  Was drinking  2 1/2 litters to 3 litters a day for a bit.  Now drinking about 2 litters a day and really not having the thirst issue at all. 
Yup I am feeling some movement!  So fun!  Its my favorite part.
Would a night guard help?  I know it really realives my tooth pain but not sure if it would work for this.  That sounds aweful though!  I am so sorry.  =(
That seems like a lot for a test? Have they run the bill through your insurance. That normal drops the amount. That is comparable to the verifi test which is new I wouldn't expect that test to cost that much. Also I feel like they should of checked your insurance and came back and asked you before doing it. Seems unethical to just hit you with a 1200 dollar bill with no warning. Have you talked to insurance also. Might be worth working that angle too. Do they have...
We are waiting to tell family till we return to the states to have the baby which will be around 30 weeks. Don't want my mom to worry to much with me being pregnant in another country.
Still in the closet here. Bi am aiming for 30 weeks so I might be the last one.
I ordered 3 pairs of Capris 2 where jean material and the 3rd Kaki.  They all arrived today and I got to try them on.  They all fit so well!!  I am normally an 8 and got a medium.  I am so comfortable now.  All 3 have the over the belly ones and they are AWESOME!!!  Didn't get any shorts because the dress code in Qatar requires us to cover our knees and shoulders.  Got to love that when its 115 in the summer right!
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