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I'm in the tribe now too. I'm 32 and had a hysterectomy 4 months ago today for massive uterine rupture. My baby was stillborn. I was in septic shock too and in the hospital for 3 weeks, 2 of those in ICU. I have one ovary left and a sonogram just found a cyst on it. Hopefully it's just a luteal cyst which will reabsorb before I even go for the next sonogram. I've had 2 episodes of slight spotting, once this past saturday, and once a week before that. My gyn said its a mini...
Dear Mamas, Thank you so much for the cards and gifts. I can't express just how much I appreciate it. I haven't opened the cards yet. I'll do that tonight once the menfolk are asleep. I wish I knew where your other forum is, I'd post there too. I didn't think transformed had told anyone or that everyone was too busy with their new babies to spare me a thought, which is completely understandable. I hope everyone is doing well and getting at least a modicum of...
My husband went through the name change process last year. He's been called "Mike" by everyone since forever, except by his mother, and decided to officially change it. His situation is a bit different since nearly everyone already called him that. I think you should ask everyone to call you Mandy for now, and if it feels right after some time, go ahead and change it legally.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mommy2Amira I just saw everyone's collections on bravo tv. Christian definately deserves to win. I mean.. wow. He's just the most talented designer on PR ever! Really? I hated his on line collection. But at least it had some color. What was with the hats pulled down over the model's faces? I actually liked Elisa's collection. Jillian's was my fave.
I'm so tired of all the whining about how they "won't get to show at fashion week." That's just not true. They won't be eligible for the grand prize, but who cares? Anyone who is left on the show when fashion week rolls around gets to do a "decoy" show so the real finalists stay a secret. You can even see pics of all the collections on line if you google "fashion week." All of the contestants are allegedly fans of the show and of fashion, so they should know this. But I...
Temple of my Familiar is my fave of all time. Color Purple is a close 2nd.
I'm watching 21 Jump Street, thanks to netflix, and Doug is wearing a baby he's babysitting in a carrier.
Fresh garlic!
The only "ethical" way of taking milk from a cow is if she has an oversupply and you're helping to hand express some out so she doesn't get mastitis.
ITA with the wanting to quit. When I was ready, I stopped the tobacco cold turkey so to speak. I locked myself in my apartment with movies, fruit and water and wouldnt leave the house for 3 days, which is how long it's supposed to take to get the nicotine out of your system. To deal with the habit itself, I'd go out for those few minutes during my usual smoke break time and would read or make a phone call. I started smoking because I was working in a lace where if you...
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