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I've had my period twice already and Quinn is breastfed and eats solid food here and there.
Quinn had her 6 mo. appointment yesterday. She weighs 17lbs 9oz and is 27 inches tall.  She got her first tooth a little over a month ago and loves to eat sweet potatoes. She likes to babble and say "dadadadada" .  
Awww! I'm enjoying all the pictures. Everyone is so cute!
Thank you CynthiaMoon!   Quinn is usually in pants or pj's too. This was for her 4 mo. photo.  She has been mistaken for a boy often too. Not a fan of those headbands or head to toe pink outfits.
Quinn had her 4 mo. check up yesterday. She weighs 14lbs 10ozs. and is 25.5 inches tall.   I'm enjoying all the updates.
I actually didn't find out I was pregnant until Dec. 6th .  My cycles had been wonky for a year and I thought I was going through perimenopause ( starts early in my family @35) .  Usually when my period was more than 42 days late I'd take a test and it would be negative. Well , this time I took one and it was positive ! I took in the morning before my husband went to work . We were both in shock for awhile. Icalled my Dr. to get a blood test , went to that appointment a...
I'm not very chatty but I've been around since 2003.
Quinn @ 9 weeks 5 days   Love all the cute baby photos .
Actiasluna.... have you looked into herbal supplements? I cant remember exactly what I took 10 years ago with my son when, I was having supply issues. Have you checked the breastfeeding forum for help?  I wish I was more helpful,I remember the stress of under milk supply and being told I might have to supplement formula.
Congrats Sky and everyone else that I missed.   I think it has been a lot of girls for this DDC.  
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