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I agree and the fact of the matter is that no site is going to be perfect.  We're going to have to make some compromises in the end to get the privacy we want.  I think privacy is paramount to enough people that a switch is worthwhile.
Hey Kali!  Have you been following all this new forum stuff?  Come on over and check it out!    And have fun at your blessing today!
The site seems to have a lag when you update admin type things- only sometimes- but often enough that I think I've done something wrong and then, there it is!
Abra, actually you're not on the roster!  You left and I guess didn't put yourself back on?  I just noticed neither you nor Christina are on the roster...  Post your bios and I'll get you on it!
That is more than hilarious... that is perfect.  Maybe the higher ups will see it and offer us a private group.
Well, just got back from the Dr... Avalon has an ear infection.  Awesome... just before dh leaves for his conference.  Isn't this the way it ALWAYS goes?
I saw some other dancing fruit smilies while I was looking around... pineapple, papaya, mango.  Hilarious. Well, I couldn't figure these things out... it looked like the banner was for upgraded accounts only, I didn't see a place to change all the icons, and preview mode was only there if you clicked "preview" vs. it being the default mode.  But I also only spent a day working on it and I'm sure you're much  more adept at it than I am!  Amanda probably has already sent you...
I know, me too!  It's hard keeping up!
Nicole, I'd be upset, too, but I agree with Joanie.  The bride and groom should be allowed to do what they want to do and it's our job as supporters of them to be happy with what the choose (I mean within reason).  It can be tough, though, and nothing like weddings to cause lots of miscommunication, crushed expectations, and family drama...  Sometimes I think it helps to just throw out there what you're feeling and then be supportive of their choice.  Nothing wrong with a...
New Posts  All Forums: