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Joanie, I think you're right.  I really like the look of ProBoards better and it is easier to navigate.  I think we should have everyone join both and we should vote.  I want Amanda to take a look first, though, and see what she thinks since she set up freeforums and will set up a proboards for us as well.  I do think it's important that we know how the setup works so we can adjust as necessary.   But some of the pros of ProBoards so far: profile titles, nicer looking...
Joanie, can you PM a link to the site your dh set up so we can take a look?
Amanda is PMing people the link.  We've spent a large part of today trying to customize it and see how things work.
Kirsten, I've randomly gotten clogged ducts with each of my kids, twice with Avalon and after months or even years of breastfeeding, just suddenly a clogged duct.  Even if he's not nursing off one side, that side still may produce some milk and would be more prone to clogging if it's never being released.  I never pump unless I have a clog, so almost all my pumping experience has been for clogged ducts.  I have the most luck doing the following:   1.  Hot compress on the...
Do you trust the dx?
Yay I went through most of the control panel and altered things... hope that's okay.  I basically increased length, size, freedoms, etc. for the most part.   Well, before we put too much more work into this... I think we need to decide if this site is IT.  Should we migrate people over there and then take a vote?
No sex talk?  Geez, I think we broke that one a loooong time ago.  And the swearing?  That's definitely been around, too.  I vote for whatever we want goes and the group will self moderate if something is inappropriate.
Okay, y'all, post the smilies you want the most
              Posting smilies to copy
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