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No, I agree.. simple is good.
Amanda, I found the ACP... I had to "re-authenticate" myself before it would show up.  But it didn't tell me I needed to do this- even though I tried logging out and back in- until I clicked on my own name.  Odd.  Futzing around now...
Nicole, yeah there could be one for pictures or we could a picture thread within each forum itself.
Yeah, it's odd to have an entire site to ourselves.  It's not like we need a bunch of different forums since the threads within a single forum would serve our needs.  But if pressed we could set up forums for different topics like Cooking or Gardening or Crafting or whatever and then there could be different threads within those for more specific topics as people see the need.  But not sure if people want to delineate so much or just keep things in threads like we do...
Kirsten, thinking of you!  Update us when you know more!
You save them as images?  Or as code?
How do you add smilies?
Christina, you said we can add smilies to freeforums?
The free and clear?
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