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Skittles.. blech.  Gelatin candy, too.  Now Jelly Belly's, those I can do.
I had never heard of postponing either.  How strange!
  Oh come on... share them in a spoiler!
Oh wow, Abra definitely wins for meeting original members.  Abra also wins for meeting current core members, but some of us may tie her soon! 
From Cynthia...   You make good points, Jaimee - all of which I have already proposed. It's just that things like this do not happen quickly. It's a process of discussion, planning, proposal and then more discussion, planning and finally - hopefully - approval. Once approval comes through it then goes to engineering for the feature to be developed, which has to take it's place in line behind other things that are ahead or are more of a priority, or it may be placed as a...
Oh and what about some of the memes like "I don't often ____, but when I do, I _____"  and "Calm Down and _____" or "Keep Calm and ____"  sometimes those are pretty funny.
 I know it's not quite what you're going for, but around here we think "put a bird on it" and "I can pickle that" are hilarious phrases.   Avery and Austin both regularly say "whoop that trick."  Not sure that would work, though...
Ash, glad the mega bed worked out pretty well!!   I think Abra wins with three... she met Joanie, me, and some of the Portland people, right?  Katie, J, maybe the other Katie (PaigeKitten)?   Mal, that blows.  I used to get all agitated when parents have issues.  Sounds like you've got some good evidence to show her and that your principal is supportive, so hopefully it won't be much of an issue in the end.   I know I'm missing a bunch of people... I'll be back.
    Happy Birthday Conner!!!  Happy mamaversary, Nicole!!!        It's POURING and super windy here.  I guess there goes our neighborhood party...
Aw, that's exciting!  Joanie, you'll have met TWO out of our group!  You're in the lead, I think, tied with Abra... Or Abra, did you meet three already?  I need to get my butt to IN and meet up with Sara and Nicole so I can be tied for three.   
New Posts  All Forums: