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Joanie, good call on changing things up.  Sounds like it will better for everyone all around. These choices can be so hard to make, but listening to your gut is a good place to start.
Wow, cool tattoo, Ash!  What does your dd1 think?  Do you already have one for your ds?   Kirsten, sorry for the rough day.  I can't imagine what you're going through right now.  I hope things start to improve quickly.  ((HUGS))
Hackers hack all sorts of stupid stuff just to hack it and then spam it.  If our name is crazy/funny, etc. and searchable that makes us more of a target.  Just sayin'.
Right, but I'm saying if the domain name isn't searchable then we can name it anything we want and not attract hackers either.  If it is searchable we might want to be boring.
Do we have the option to make it not searchable?  In that case it wouldn't matter.
Yay Joanie!!!! Congrats!!  How exciting that your life is moving in a new direction.    Nicole, good luck with the babysitter.  Sounds like she's got a lot of experience.   Congrats to you, too, Amber for renegotiating your contract!
Hmmm...  well I'm fine with something simple like November2011 or November2011DDC or something like that.  Or we can go a totally different route if we want to come up with a new name for our group.
Wow, that's cool that Katie is going to make the trip!  That's like 3 hours?
Yes, Kirsten, how are you feeling?   Abra, good news on the money!  FX crossed it all works out today!!  What a relief that will be, I'm sure!   Ash, when are you making the bed switch?
Amanda, can you borrow something from a friend?  That sucks about the shipping, I'm sorry!!   Ash, yes, what tattoo?  We need pics!!!
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