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There goes my promise to myself to be in bed before midnight tonight! Very cool!
I'm going to let the kids stay up as late as they want the night before they would have started school. I'll let them read in bed with no lights out time. Then whenever they roll out of bed the next morning, I'm going to take them out for breakfast. Later in the day we are going to get together with a huge pack of homeschool friends to play at the park and celebrate that we are home having a fantastic time.
That is really cute! When my DS1 was in the NICU we put signs with black magic marker on every single side of his isolette and we would STILL find pacifiers tucked into the bed linens or the nurses offering to give him a bottle of formula so I wouldn't have to pump. No matter how many times we asked, they didn't comply. Finally DH had to take a nutty in the NICU and that got their attention, LOL. Great sign!
I think it really is a case of running out of room. I find it a little alarming that I still have two months to go where baby is only going to get bigger! I carried much lower with DD and DS1 and I didn't get the numb rib thing until further on in the pregnancy. For whatever reason I am carrying much higher this time and it is already starting to be uncomfortable. That's my only complaint in terms of discomfort so I guess I can't really complain!
I have been eating tons of veggie soup. Lots of veggie stir fry with brown rice and black beans. And tons of grapes. Yum!
Hello! I am a few days shy of 28 weeks with my third pregnancy. About this point in the pregnancy, the bottom of my rib cage starts to get tingly and weird feeling whenever I am not laying down. It's very uncomfortable and strange. I had this with both previous pregnancies. I am only 5 feet tall so I am guessing that it's just plain a case of not enough space but I don't really know. Does this happen to anyone else?
I found that going from one to two kids was not a big deal. It was much more of a learning curve to go from zero to one kid. DD was almost 3 when DS was born, she was a little older than your son. We never had any issues with jealousy at all. That being said, I went out of my way to make sure she felt included. If someone in a store or someone started fussing over the teeny new baby, I would always pipe up with, "And here's the amazing big sister!" to make sure she wasn't...
We are expecting a boy! Very excited and happy! Especially happy that we have finally settled on a name-Gabriel. Hearing my 4 and 7 year olds saying his name when they talk to my belly is awesome!
I'm so sorry you got worriesome news. It's so scary when anything is out of the status quo. Like a pp said, try hard to keep in the back of your mind that it is a symptom, not a diagnosis. If your afp was negative and the heart looks fine and there are no other markers then I'll bet your odds are really low. They thought my second child might have trisomy 18 because of one symptom (choroid plexus cyst). The doc suggested doing an amnio. The genetic counselor...
I think there is some kind of evaluation on Singapore that determines where you should start....I feel like I remember doing something like that with DD and we have always used Singapore. Try poking around on the site a bit. We are nearing the end of Singapore 3A and have used it since 1A. I do find it a bit repetitive but other than that have no complaints. That being said, I have never even looked at Saxon, so I can't compare.
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