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Yep. But you can clean or sand it or whatever and oil it still.
Beeswax polish is also super simple to make. Melt I think 1:4 beeswax to oil (we use sunflower seed oil). I don't measure, I just guesstimate and when its all mixed I put a drop inside the jar's lid. When it cools, I can tell if its too hard, too soft or just right to spread across the wood. Once I know I have it right (or close enough) I take it from the heat and add any essential oils. We love lavender, but maybe I will add orange next time too, hmm, or add slices of...
Sometimes in a pinch, I use the magenta 3-M abrasive pads. They're sold for polishing metal. We bought ours thru Lee Valley. They're wonderful. Soap and those cleans like nothing else. We even use them on our dishes/pots...just a 1x2 inch pad lasts months in my home.
Ours is from a garage sale. Like pp said, wet felting is how we expect to use ours more. Ds's never got into it for washing but since we're homesteading and have a washing machine, we aren't ever lacking for work and washing we gratefully use the machine for. But we will be using it some in our two week block preparing for starting the flute...using it to echo rhythms, etc. Lehman's sells a variety of washboards.
The book Heaven On Earth has lots and lots of great practical ideas. So does the Christopherus homeschool kindergarten book. It doesn't cost much and is a wonderful nuts and bolts guide. There's a newish blog (www.pennypumpernickel.blogspot.com) by a waldorf homeschooler. She doesn't have a home computer so not frequent posts, but I love the cloak tutorial. " Here we are together " is another good one.
Have you checked on the waldorf homeschooling yahoo groups? There's a few and much more active and homeschooley. You may have luck connecting with folks that way. I wish you were closer as our homeschool group is very boy heavy! LOL The couple girls could use more comrades!
We censor and feel fine about it. Our oldest is only 6 1/2. We expect to not censor as much the older he gets. We built our own home and it's completely "Eco". Also, is only 500 sq ft, so we are limited space-wise. Before we had kids & started waldorf homeschooling, we lived a simple off the grid homesteading lifestyle. We know we aren't popular in the family for how we're raising our family, but it's our turn to be the parents. Gift-giving is merely a symptom of the...
We don't do anything to add humidity. We cook everything from scratch...that probably adds humidity, but our climate is super dry, so I dont know. But we built our house to be very tight and I think the earth plaster keeps the humidity stabilized? Hm.Yeah, I would say just a pot of water on the stove, maybe with lavender or Rosemary or cinnamon. :°)
Check out the book, This is the Way We Wash a Day. Chock full. And at three, kids are in an imitative stage. They may not help in the actual task but if you approach it w/o asking for participation she may well get caught up in the energy of your purposeful will force. If not, it'll happen, but talking about it wont help. Donna Simmons has some nice descriptions in her Christopherus kindy book. hth!
Our home is strawbale with lots of solar gain in the winter. Last winter our coldest night was -20°f and we still only used two sticks through the night, keeping it a luxurious 80°f. We don't use much wood and are still going through what we've had from years ago when some developers decided they could sell land for more money if they widened and graded the road. Slash piles of trees were left and dh and I got 4 or 5 cords that fall. We do have a bunch of juniper stumps to...
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