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Thanks for the replies! The first question I asked is if she knows what an enemy is and she does. I'm trying to figure out if I should involve the teacher or other parents or if I should just work with her on it. What do others think?
Hello! My 7 year old, first grade daughter came home from school today and told me that she and another girl are making an "enemy list". She said as of now she has one girl on it, who she was friends with yesterday. It makes me sad that stuff like this goes on so young! I told her that it made me sad and that it could really be hurtful to her friend. Now that she knows how I feel she's even more excited to write it. Any suggestions of how to approach this? 
Not sure how to discipline DD who has been lying lately to get what she wants. Most recently she told my DH that I said she could have a lollipop even though I said the no! Her lies aren't big (obviously) but have been frequent. Any suggestions for natural consequences?    
Thanks for all the responses! I do think it's fairly normal for kids to sort of be attracted to people who look like them, but still I want to nip this in the bud! She does have several good friends that are mixed race and have dark skin and pointed that out to her and she said she likes only them. She is the only blonde one in the family so we joked with her that since she has different hair that maybe she needed to find a new family (we saw the wheels turning there). I...
My 5 year old DD told us that she does not like dark skin people because she is not one. We live in a pretty white state, but do have a good amount of friends of all different races. She has been saying this a lot lately and not wanting to hang out with her dark skinned friends. How do we handle this? DH and I are both from bigger cities that our very diverse and this has not ever been an issue on our lives. We feel so sad about it!   Help!
great articles---thank you!!
thanks everyone! yes, we do tell her to use gestures and smiles and sometimes she is responsive to that. it's great to hear that some of your kiddos grew out of it a little!
DD is 5.5 and can be pretty shy. Not at home and not with people she knows, but with most everyone else. If a stranger, acquaintance, or neighbor talks to her she will completely ignore them or walk away. I know that she's not trying to be rude and when she was younger she could get away with it, but now that she's 5 I think people are starting to think she's rude or weird. We've talked to her about respecting elders and that her peers are not going to continue to try to...
Wondering if other doulas take notes at births they attend? what types of things do you record?
Loving all this great info! Can I ask what do peoples prenatal visits entail?    
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