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what a great first purchase you got mama! homemademama's cloth pads are absolutely wonderful and so pretty, aren't they if they work well for you, you should pick up a few more from her...and there're many on etsy if you do a search 'cloth pads' if not there's clothpadlist.wordpress.com like cloth dipes, it's fun to collect lol...but what you really need would, i guess, be the number of disposables you use during a cycle...except these ones you just wash and reuse!
i just switched to cloth pads for my af cycle this time, and I WON'T LOOK BACK EVER to sposies again! it's soooo much more comfortable, and to have so many pretty fabrics, wonderful materials to choose from, totally makes having my period a really delightful one...and i'm so serious about that, cos i find myself dreading the end of this cycle, and wishing the next would come sooner? lol yup i've tried fleece, bamboo velour and flannel topped ones...and in my order of...
definitely a wrap cos it would allow the most versatility there's a learning curve with using a wrap, but once you get the hang of it, it would work best for you both moby are stretchy wraps which are great for the newborn stage and is indeed very long (i think 5m?) but personally as the baby gets heavier, it might start to sag and might make wrapping uncomfy for some so a woven wrap would be fantastic
the gsw ones are wonderful be it didy, girasol, storch, vatanai, hopp...generally thinner wraps like ellaroo, vat are great for warm weather but need careful wrapping to prevent pressure points my current favs, what we're using very often with dd, are dolcino wraps, and didy waves
there're some mt's which allow the narrowing of the crotch area i think...but i'm not entirely sure, as i personally don't use mt's...but i seem to recall coming across something like that...uh huh, think i found it, meitaibaby hth!
Quote: Originally Posted by syn_ack89 NINO shut down. All the local chapters are now their own entities without national support. :
i never tried nursing in a carrier, don't really wanna try, and i'm primarily (well only) a wrapper...and it's not very very easy to get the hang off apparently...of cos, there're many who manage to, no problem... i'm thinking a mt would be easier to nurse in...somehow...
Quote: Originally Posted by hubris I've been wearing Hotslings since they were a WAHM product and they've consistently had great quality. The ones at Target have fewer color/print options than if you order directly from the HS site or an online baby carrier retailer, but they're the same quality sling. Sizing is important with a pouch sling - use the sizing calculator at hotslings.com. It's fairly accurate. For a stretchy pouch you might need a...
what a sweet thought, and a sling as a gift is certainly lovely! best way to sharing the bw-ing love and passing on the benefits with pouches, sizing is important, so you'd probably need to get her measurements or have her measured at the store...else you could get her an adjustable one but if both her dh and her are going to share, and they're both different sized, then pouches would be challenging... what's versatile that would work for both of them would be a...
lol, i like the going bald comment i'm thinking go for the wrap or the mt i've not been fond of rs because they're generally one-shouldered, and i find that very demanding on one side iykwim? now wraps and mt's allow many various 2-shouldered carries which will spread the weight of your lo on both shoulders, that should feel better
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