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JTA - Gaiam actually makes one filled with both silk and wool. I've been trying to debate between getting this or one with just wool. Great idea, though! I suppose if money weren't an issue you could buy a wool comforter and put a silk duvet over it. His Own - those are great prices! I'll have to search around on those sites. Jill - Do you mean Holy Lamb? That's as close I could find on a google search. Thanks for the brand recommendation!
I have the Bosch Nexxt as well. That's a great idea to use the Quickwash first! I usually wash the diapers on the Xtrasanitary with an extra rinse. Which temp do you guys use for the main wash? I tried adding oxi-clean once and dd's bum was not happy! I guess she is sensitive to it so just regular detergent for us now.
We currently sleep with just comforters (no top sheet). I am looking to replace our comforters with something more hypoallergenic. It looks like wool and silk-filled comforters make good alternatives to down. Are there advantages to one versus the other? We live in the northeast so we have cold winters and hot summer nights (no a/c). Any suggestions or recommendations?
Thanks...I appreciate the Hale lookup. Ginseng was in a blood sugar control blend. I've had hypoglycemia in the past and have been especially craving sweets all winter long, so she gave me something to help curb these things. At this point my cravings are a bit under control so I don't so much feel the need for it. The goldenseal is because I've been having reoccurring infections so she wanted to help get rid any lingering bacteria. Think I'll stay away from it if...
Does anyone have a bed from Natura: http://www.naturaworld.com/ ? We are in the market for a new bed and I am curious about these. There is a store nearby where we can go test one out, but I'm wondering how they hold up long-term?
I know you asked for recommendations other than Dysons, but I have to say that my Dyson changed my whole experience with vacuuming. I actually enjoy...yes enjoy...vacuuming now. We have a Hoover upright bagless cleaner as well ($50) and it works nicely, but it is not anywhere in the same league as a Dyson.
How do you decide what herbs are ok or not to take while bfing? Is there an authoritative source out there? I've recently seen a naturopath and she prescribed a couple of remedies containing certain herbs to me - ginseng and goldenseal. I used kellymom.com and google searches to see if these were ok or not bfing and am just left pretty confused. I overall got the impression that these both were not recommended while bfing. I confronted her about the ginseng (this...
I have been doing a hot wash cycle or two just using a couple of tablespoons of Dawn (the blue version). I believe this is what BG recommends on their site.
The Ameda website lists retailers you can purchase from. I believe you can even order from them. I ordered from Baby Bungalow once but would not recommend them. I just wanted the small white adapter part and they sent it in a huge box which felt like such a waste to me.
Dd is 4 months old and loves, loves, loves to be carried and held. We originally tried a maya wrap and kangaroo pouch which neither of us cared for. Then we got a babyhawk and we both seem to really enjoy it...most of the time. She'll really enjoy being carried in it but then all of a sudden she'll decide that she wants.out.right.this.moment. She'll squirm and fuss until I take her out. I really haven't figured out why and it seems to vary with how long she has been...
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