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nak This annoys me too. I finally learned to equate it with "How are you?" People really just want to hear you are fine...it's just small talk. So I respond to the question the same way. How is she sleeping at night? Fine. It's none of their concern.
I've seen some comments on these boards about how bad petroleum jelly is to use. I have extremely dry hands and it seems to help, but I have no clue why it is considered bad to use? :
Quote: Originally Posted by CanidFL I am surprised she had them all ready for you....This was before you appointment? Like she got them ready and brought them in the room? If that is the case, it seems kind of pushy. Yes - we arrived into the room for our appointment and then the nurses came in with the shots all prepared before even talking to us or before the ped came by. We told them we weren't going to do any vaxes that day and they didn't...
I should mention that her doctor is completely cool with our vax stance. I just was surprised at having to explain to the nurses, too. Dd has some medical issues that make me feel more comfortable bringing her to her WBVs so at this point I am not considering foregoing them altogether.
do you tell the receptionist that you are not planning on doing any vaxes? For dd's 2 month appointment, they assumed that I was getting her vaxes so the nurses had them all prepared for us. Now I am scheduling her 4 month visit and I'm wondering if I need to mention it on the phone call to make the appointment so I don't have to explain to both the nurses and the doctor? What do you do?
I found it! Looks like it was something HBO premiered... Puppy Plays. I highly recommend it!
A month or so ago, I was channel surfing and came across a show that showed puppies playing set to background music of kid-friendly classical music. It was so relaxing, I wish I could remember the name of it! Anyone have any idea what it was? I haven't seen it on again, so maybe it is a dvd I could order somewhere instead?
I use glass bottles as well and finally decided to just use small post-it notes as labels. I just write the date I pumped it on there and then stick it on. They stick on and come off so easily. I had also thought about having certain ones for certain days of the week but decided it was too confusing to keep up with.
I'm having this same issue as well, except we have a septic tank so we can't use bleach. Any other recommendations on how to get rid of the yeast? I tried oxyclean a couple of weeks back, but it seemed to make them leak and gave dd an even worse rash.
You could try using Manuka Honey: http://www.activemanukahoneyusa.us/N...-Treatment.htm They also sell soaps with tea tree oil. I'm not sure if it actually works to treat/prevent mrsa, but it is worth a try.
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