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We recently got this Dex one: http://www.amazon.com/Products-Unive...6486838&sr=8-1 Our dd is not mobile yet either and so far it has worked great for us. I like the mesh net and it feels secure to me.
I try to treat dd like I would want to be treated. If I was crying and DH just left me there to cry without trying to console me, I would feel all that much worse and would probably lose a lot of trust/faith in him and our relationship so I figure doing that to her she would feel the same towards us.
That's a very thoughtful gift! You've already got a lot of great ideas in there. One other thing that would be nice would be some nursing pads for leaking - either disposable or some nice organic cotton/wool ones. And maybe some of the mother's milk tea (I can't remember what it is called offhand...supposed to help supply).
First off, hugs to you for having your dd in the nicu. What kind of pump are you using? If you are pumping exclusively in the first month it is very important to use a hospital grade pump. When my dd was in the nicu I rented a Medela Symphony. Then later on I started using the Ameda PUrely Yours. While I like the Ameda, I don't get nearly as much with it and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have gotten me through the nicu period.
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan You mean like a toddler might do with a couple bobby pins? I actually did this when I was a kid. I thought the bobby pin would fit so nicely in the outlet. Blew all the lights out in the house and burnt my finger pretty bad. I consider myself pretty lucky.
I think I've seen mentioned on here that there are numerous ways to fold pfs? Are there any good sites showing the different ways?
When you offer the bottle, do you try holding her cheeks in a "v"? Dd is not a fan of bottles either, but if you use the hand that is offering the bottle to place her cheeks up a bit, it reminds her how to take the bottle. Even though it isn't her favorite, she will drink from it then.
I'm thinking dd has an ear infection in one of her ears. It has become crusty/scaly looking on the inside and on the lobe like it was draining. She is 3 mo. old and this is the first sign of her having an ear infection, so I am clueless as to what to do, especially if it has drained (that makes for different treatment, right?). Any thoughts? I'm planning on calling her ped tomorrow but I have a feeling he's just going to hand out the typical rx for antibiotics...
Dh and I each have our own separate comforters (both twin size). This is common in Germany and Switzerland. When we spent time there we really liked it since we never seem to agree on being hot/cold and this way whoever is in the middle doesn't get "trapped" in the sheets. Somehow it seems to be just right for both cold winter nights and warm summer nights.
I was thinking maybe it could be some sort of infection as well. Not sure if I should go to the doctor and get tested or just assume it is and try to cure it myself. Interesting about the dehydration theory. That is a possibility as well. My hands have been extremely dry. A good reminder for me to drink more!
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