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I gave birth to my first LO 2 1/2 months ago. Ever since then, dh says my breath is just awful. I brush and floss regularly and although I haven't been to the dentist in awhile, I don't have the symptoms of gingivitis (I know, I know...I'm planning on going soon). The timing seems odd since it started right after giving birth. Anyone else experience this? Is this one of those normal things no one tells you about? Or could it be indicative that something else is wrong?
I was recently looking for a new mattress pad as well and decided to try bamboo. Supposedly it is naturally anti-bacterial which I liked. I ordered this one from Target: http://www.target.com/Ingeo-Bamboo-M...attress&page=1 I've opened it up and washed it and it seems like it will be a nice mattress pad...if I could ever stop being so lazy and actually put it on the bed I could give you a better review.
I was so excited when our Pampered Bunz finally arrived in the mail. I love having an AIO without the microfleece next to dd's skin. Dd has only worn them a few times and today we had a major blowout in them that got all over her clothes. They've gotten such great reviews...maybe dd just has the wrong build for them? Anyone else have this problem or know a good way to fix it? Normally she wears BG when we do AIOs and we've never had any issues.
Dd is 2 1/2 months old and was born with some neonatal seizures which she is currently on medications for to control. We are participating in the state Early Intervention program which is a great program to ensure dd stays on track developmentally. However, they have asked us a couple of times if dd has had her vaccinations. I've told them no and when they ask why not I explain that I am delaying until we have her seizures figured out (in reality I'm not sure if we will...
Hugs to all you other moms dealing with this as well. At this point I haven't visited epilepsy.com because she hasn't actually been diagnosed with that. I may check it out though - maybe they address this type of occurrence as well. She is seeing a pediatric neurologist and he says she'll likely outgrow them and that there likely won't be any long-term effects from the seizures. I'm mainly having such a hard time now because of her relapse on Monday. It's so hard for...
Anyone else with a LO that had seizures as a newborn? Dd is 2 months old and had five her first week of life. She was taking some anti-seizure meds (phenabarb and phenytoin) that we had just started to wean when she had a relapse earlier this week. They've run just about every test possible and everything comes back negative so at this point we don't know a cause. I could really use the advice/support of other moms that have been there or are going through it.
You've gotten a lot of great replies so far. I'll add mine: 1.) Really and truly... do cloth diapers leak more than disposables? Not from my experience. All my friends using disposables complain about poop blow-outs. We've only had one that got on dd's clothes so far. 2.) Okay, so the cloth diaper is off the baby's bum... what then? I throw it in a trash can with a lid lined with a bag. Every couple of days I throw the bag into the wash. I invert the bag...
www.jilliansdrawers.com. I found their site very helpful when I was new to cding. It's a nice layout and they sells most of the cding products I am interested in. Best of all, I love how fast I receive shipments after ordering. I usually receive the order 3 days after I placed it unlike other sites I have used.
Phew! I'm relieved to hear that going up to 12 hours is okay. Fortunately we've found a diaper that doesn't leak for us (BG AIOs). She has gotten a rash now and then, although I've started using the Wedela cream and that seems to be helping. I'll enjoy my sttn guilt free now!
Quote: Originally Posted by ShariCA They will shrink, but you will still have to fold them down. Or trim them. I was shocked at the size difference too. My guys are older and I still have to fold them down. I would say they are still a good two inches too long for my 2 1/2 yr. old. Yikes! Are there brands that are smaller then? As much as I don't mind the work of pfs, I'm not sure I want to do the extra step of folding them down all that time....
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