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Dd is 10 months old and actively crawling/cruising. I need to pump once a day for when the sitter comes, but it is getting harder and harder around dd. No matter what toys I give her to distract her with, she wants to play with the pump. I tried to pump at night after she's gone to sleep, but I don't seem to have enough milk left at the end of the day for pumping. Nap times are inconsistent so it seems to throw off my supply when I try to pump during naps. What do you...
Oatmeal! Someone suggested it to me a week or so ago and it has definitely helped.
I finally had a grasp on dd's natural napping schedule but now it seems to be shifting once again. I need help understanding the process so I don't spend all day trying to get her to nap. How old was your LO when they transitioned from 2 naps a day to 1? When they transitioned to 1 nap a day, what time did they seem to take their nap versus what times they took their 2 naps? How long did they tend to nap for when 1x a day?
We are in our 2nd round of teething with dd and the poor thing is just miserable! She is almost 10 months old and I think may have 3 or 4 teeth just about ready to pop (I can see the whites right under the gum). During the day she seems fine, but the past couple of nights before bed she just screams and screams in agony, lasting up to 2 hours. Then she wakes up a few hours later and we go through another 2 hours of screaming. She has also been getting very congested at...
Quote: Originally Posted by spirit4ever What kind of oatmeal did you eat? I also highly recommend that Kellymom site that a pp gave the link too! Quaker oats (the non-instant kind). Yes, the kellymom site is great!
Thanks everyone! I tried eating some oatmeal and it did wonders! It's amazing what a difference that makes. Thanks again!
I've been pumping off and on since dd was born (almost 10 months old). I've always done okay pumping...getting at least 2-4 oz. at a time. I have a sitter come in 14 hours a week, so it is mostly for that time so I can focus on getting things done and running errands. I took a break for a few weeks while the sitter was away and while dd was teething and now it seems I have no supply left for both dd and to build up a stash from pumping. I've been drinking the...
Dh had a hernia and it was a couple of months before they were able to operate to fix it. The main thing to do to prevent it from getting worse is to not lift anything heavy (which you shouldn't do being pregnant anyway). Dh couldn't even lift our baby, about 15 pounds at the time. Unfortunately all our research showed that there is nothing you can do to reverse a hernia...the only thing you can do is to have surgery to repair it. If you look at the biology of it, it...
In the past for dinner I've usually cooked a meat and then had one veggie on the side and maybe a salad to go along. We are trying to eat more vegetables now and a bit less meat. I'm at a loss at how to do so, though. Stir frys seem a great way to go, but there are only so many meals we can eat stir fry. Any recommendations? Any cookbooks that have a lot of great vegetable dishes as main meals?
For strollers, I love the Zooper Waltz. it does great in the mall or on sidewalks. It is also very quick and easy to fold up and take out. For diaper bags, I just found the Loom backpack which I am loving. it is a bit on the small side, but it manages to hold everything I need. It has a clutch purse that attaches to the outside and that can be removed quick and easily if you want to take just the purse in somewhere. I think it is a genius idea!
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