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In the beginning I was so confused and overwhelmed I just bought a variety of kinds to try to see what worked best for me. I think it is less about what works best for your baby but rather what method becomes most comfortable for you. I thought I would hate prefolds, but for the newborn stage I actually ended up using them the most and really liking them. Now that dd is a wiggler, AIOs are the only way to go for us. I'm personally not a fan of pockets, although I do a...
That is great you are preparing in advance! Definitely wash all diapers before having the baby wear them. The covers you can probably just wash once but the others I would wash at least once or twice.
We have a very old wood fireplace and years of soot have built up on it. I've been looking online for ideas of how to best clean it but they all seem to involve harsh chemicals. Any ideas of more natural ways to clean the soot off all the bricks?
What do you do about their feet with the baby legs? Just add on a pair of socks? Dd loves to pull her socks right off so we haven't bothered with those in awhile either. Still, might be a better option than trying to get pants on!
Is it the yoga that you need or is a couple of hours to yourself? If it is the yoga, you may want to see if there is an Itsy Bitsy Yoga class near you. These are yoga classes where moms bring their babies. I did it when dd was pre-crawling and it was a great way for me to get in some yoga, meet other moms and have an activity for dd. If you are needing a break for yourself, be reassured that this is a stage and your baby will outgrow it. Dd was also that way when...
A couple of months ago dd developed a hatred of getting dressed. I think she just is too active to want to sit still long enough to put clothes on. This was fine in the summer since I could throw a t-shirt on her and show off her cute cloth diapers or throw on a loose-fitting dress. Now that it is getting colder, though, she needs to wear more clothes but can't seem to find any that are easy to put on. I spend ten minutes chasing her around trying to get pants on...
Up until recently dd (9 mo.) has been content sitting in her bouncy seat in the bathroom while I shower. Now that she can actively crawl and pull to stand, she is getting too big for it and restless in there. Originally I had thought I would have her sit in the bathtub with me while I shower, but she will just pull herself to stand and it is too dangerous. What do you do with your active baby while you shower?
No advice, but I'm right there with you. Yesterday my 9 mo. old dd took one 1 hour nap. Then she stayed up until 1 a.m. and woke up at 7:15 this morning ready to play. Still hasn't taken a nap today. I don't understand how a baby needs less sleep than her mama. Hope our babies start sleeping better soon!
Dd started having seizures soon after birth. I honestly am not quite sure the difference between a seizure and a spasm, but her seizures would typically last around 10-15 seconds. She would stiffen one or both arms and jerk it. Usually her eyes would shift either left or right as well and then would become extremely tired. An EEG can give a lot of valuable feedback, but if a child has a seizure disorder, it is not necessarily reflected on an EEG. All of dd's EEGs...
We have a 9 mo. old daughter we co-sleep with. We can't put our mattress on the floor because we plan on putting the house on the market soon, so I either stay in bed and do my computer work when dd naps or I transition her to her crib after I nurse her to sleep. I do love the idea of childproofing the whole room, though.
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