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I sing a lot of songs from Sound of Music. Whenever I start "Lonely Goatherd," dd gets a huge smile on her face (it took some time to learn the words, but she loves if I substitute with "ga-gas"). I also sing "Getting to Know You" from King and I. Otherwise random songs that I hear on the radio or get stuck in my head. I like to take popular songs and change the words up for her.
I have some medium FB I bought over a month ago. They say they are for 15+ pounds. Dd is now 17 pounds and still aways to go before fitting into them. I am desperately looking for a nighttime diaper and since it seems such a long wait with them, I am thinking of trying something else out instead. Does anyone know how the HHs fit? Dd seems to be long and slender. Will I have the same problems with these as the FBs?
I have a stash of BGs that are only 6 months old. The velcro on them has become so worn that they are barely sticking on anymore. I'm starting to read that this is a fairly common problem. Anything I can do to fix them? I am not crafty in the least bit, so easy options, please. Also, I have some Thirsties covers which I love, but they have started getting some lint/debris in them. What is the easiest way to clean them out?
In this week's mothering email, they sent a link to this report: http://action.foe.org/t/3882/content...ntent_KEY=4205 It states that: Quote: 56% of all infant carriers, 44% of all car seats, 40% of all strollers and 19% of all portable cribs were found to have high levels of halogenated fire retardants. Does this mean that even babywearing is not safe for our babies? Am I misinterpreting what they mean by "infant carrier"?
Up until recently, dd has always worn either sleep gowns or sleep sacks to bed. I liked these because of the easy diaper access and because it set a signal that it is bed time. However, it seems all of these only have sizes for up to 6 months of age. I've looked online and I'm not seeing what babies wear after that point to bed? What does yours wear?
Dd has a very hard time going down for a nap. I've finally learned her cues and when she is getting tired, I nurse her to sleep in our bed (we co-sleep). This works great for us. We have a mother's helper come over some afternoons and she can only get dd to nap by walking her around endlessly, and even then it is after dd fusses/fights for a long time. We are getting a new regular sitter/nanny to start soon and I want to start things on the right foot. However, I have...
I had cat scratch disease in my college days. It lasted about 6 weeks and had a lot of symptoms similar to mono - swollen lymph nodes, no appetite, extremely weak. I didn't know much about non-western medicine at the time so I believe I just took the antibiotics. It was definitely not a fun disease to have. Hugs to your boy.
Has anyone's LO ever had a bad reaction to gripe water? I gave some to dd a couple of night's ago and she woke up several times in the middle of the night screaming (with her eyes closed). She has never done that before. As soon as I would pick her up and hold her close to me she would stop and seem okay. Eventually I would put her down and then an hour or two it would happen again. Last night I didn't give her any gripe water but she did this once or twice again. ...
Thanks for the ideas! I love the comforter folded up idea. Maybe we will give that a try and if that doesn't work go the pack-n-play route.
Dd is 5 months old and sleeps in bed with us. Before she was born we bought a crib mattress, but not a crib and now that we intend to co-sleep for some time I don't really see the need to get one. When dd naps during the day, I usually just put her in our bed and either stay with her or check on her now and then. The problem is I work part-time from home so we have a sitter come over for a few hours in the afternoon to watch dd. For now when she naps with the sitter...
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