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Of course, and I think it's weird that they think it's weird. I do work in a law office though. I am 28 years old.
I agree with the above. In this situation I think you have to let it go. Maybe she can't afford for you to have another baby financially, so while she may have not been sensitive about it, perhaps this is her way of telling you this?  
My mom's old favorite was "life sucks then you die" This sounds terrible I know, but she always said it in such a way that it was funny. I'd be frustrated that I had a lot of homework and that's a guaranteed "life sucks then you die." If I whined about wanting a toy in the supermarket, there's another "life sucks then you die." This still cracks me up though she doesn't say it anymore. It was like my childhood motto.   She loved to call me and my sister "bottomless...
In my experience, you've been spoiled. If I handed our accountant a bunch of receipts...I don't know what she would do! She needs the total. I go to an accountant for our taxes because I can't figure out all the forms and she always saves me money (I use the turbo tax online, get the number I think we should get back, then go to her. The year she doesn't save me money I'll do 'em myself!).
DaughterofKali, that's not actually true in MA. They are legally required to test and delead regardless of when you started renting if you have kids in the apartment. There are very strict lead laws in MA that favor tenants. I can't speak for whether or not a landlord will try to retaliate if you decide to stay and have them test/delead. I was pregnant when we signed a lease, but I did not know it at the time. When I was 12 weeks I told them I was pregnant and they...
No, I would not. Pajamas are for sleeping, we get dressed before we leave the house.
Oh yeah, I totally do this and I drive myself nuts with it. It just naturally happened and I can't seem to stop! I know it's not 100% of the time, usually just when I want him to pay attention to me. "Mama is putting her coat on, don't you want to put yours on?" etc. Which gives credit to the theory that that's the only way they understand us. So maybe the rest of the time he's not ignoring me he just doesn't understand? That must be it! ha.
Shoes off because we have a crawler.
I have a very strong center part that I fight every day. I hate it!
Growing up I saw one set of grandparents weekly (Sunday for church) and saw my grandfather from the other side I want to say twice a year? He lived 8 hours away. Maybe 3-4x/year. My grandmother passed when I was an infant.   My children see my parents around once/month and my husband's parents once/year. His parents moved across the country 3 years before we had kids. It was and is a sore point for him/us. I really truly wish we had grandparents who were a stronger...
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