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I would like to see more about high school and getting ready for college and life
We started homeschooling for academic reasons. The funny thing is that we now HS for so many different reasons. Overall though, I would say that my greatest goal is to help the kids become well rounded and happy individuals that value relationships and everyday life.
 Wondering if anyone else has tried this since? thanks, elizabeth
hi, forgive me for asking an OT question but what is enki? we are using OM and love it so far. I even googled enki and can't find a thing. thanks, elizabeth
I was wondering about this also.  obviously it isn't going to be the only thing they do but... it might be a good skill to have?  just another tool in their tool box.  anyone try it?  (our charter school will pay for it....)
Hi, I'd like to join in too. we have just started HS this fall and I think we are going CM.... school at home didn't work lol
my ds likes "ranger rick" and discovery science. those aren't as general as you wanted but he really likes them. i love this question, waiting for other replies....
thanks everyone. i just needed a place to start. has anyone read "when children love to learn"? I saw it recommended somewhere. I have checked several libraries around, actually all of los angeles county, and no one has any of these. ugh thanks again though.
Hi, We started HS this fall, it's been a bit of a mess-not that i'm that surprised, lol. I have finally decided that what we have been doing is not working (school at home). After a lot of reading, I have decided that the "Charlotte Mason" style is really what I want to do, I think it will work with my kids -and me. I have seen quite a few books out there but wondered if anyone could recommend a good "how to" book. what worked well and why? I really need some help...
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