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For berry stains, use boiling water. Place the piece of clothing over a bowl in the sink, hold a kettle of boiling water about 10 inches above and pour directly over the stain. I've used this method for years on my kids' clothes - fresh stains literally disappear as you do this.
What about this?
Every Easter morning we have an Easter egg hunt with the eggs that the kids have decorated themselves. The bunny hides them, and then leaves some chocolate. How do you explain the egg hunt part? Does the bunny hide them? Does the bunny come into your house and take your eggs? Do you leave them outside for the bunny to hide? Or does the bunny just use his own eggs?
Quote: Originally Posted by MrsMike UPDATE: I had let my original treatment sit for about 24 hours under an old cloth diaper. When I checked again, most of it had faded away. A pp said the enzyme cleaners take time to do their work. So, I guess the combo of nature's miracle, vinegar, water and dishsoap works. I cleaned the area again with Oxyclean and it's almost 100% gone. Of course, one of my cat's puked right on top of it. Brat. Oops, didn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan HOT water tends to set most stains True, however berry stains are one of the stains that will come out with hot water. I've never had to get a berry stain out of a carpet, but with my kids' clothes I pour boiling water over the stain, and just watch it disappear.
For greasy stains, try scrubbing the spot with a bit of dish detergent, and rinsing with hot water.
I buy black socks for my older, and navy blue for my younger.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maedze I've installed a forward facing Radian with seatbelt in that vehicle. It's a matter of technique. If you find you have trouble, get ahold of a (competent! v. v. important part! ) CPST who will show you how. Yes, I should have been more clear. I couldn't do it at all in the centre. I never tried to install it outboard with the seatbelt since I never needed it. I understand that Volvo's latch limit is 48...
I have a 2001 Volvo V70, and a Radian. I have no problems installing it either RF or FF with latch. (The seatbelt was another story, but as long as you don't want it in the centre, no problem.)
For grease and oil, gently scrubbing the stain with some dish detergent and then washing with warm or hot water should take it out.
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