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I am looking for a delayed/selective vaccination schedule friendly pediatrician in the Conyers area, but am willing to drive to see a good open-minded pedi anywhere near here...even in Atlanta. TIA!
Only one C/S under my belt (so to speak...heehee). I was induced bc of very high blood pressure. I had an emergency C/S due to my blood pressure dropping very low and dd's heart rate dropping several times. I am hoping that I am prego with baby number 2. Still researching about VBAC vs. C/S. I do feel that I missed out on a "natural birth" but am happy that dd is alive and well.
Here is what I was emailed from Badger Balms about their micronized sunscreen SPF 30: "Very little research has been done on zinc oxide, and that which has been done has found that only 0.003 of zinc is absorbed into the skin. The zinc in Badger products is coated with silicone to further prevent this and to reduce the presence of free radicals. You may want to check out the environmental Working Groups web page for more information. http://www.ewg.org/ They have a...
Oh, no...I know nothing about him. Looked like an interesting read and wanted to bump the thread so someone else would post if they had read it bc I was thinking of reading it myself. Just lurking to see what others thought of him.
I am glad that it went so well! Yay! Hopefully ours next month will go that smoothly!
That's great....maybe that should be a video you must watch before taking the flu shot....how many would line up then!
Okay, if everyone stopped vaxing, IT WOULD cause the pharm companies to to make less money....bottome line. If that wasn't the case, why do you think all docs are educated by pharm companies about vaxes? I have several friends and family members who are doctors....I know this is happening. If they weren't making a profit off of them, they wouldn't push them. They aren't pushing them just bc they are so worried about our kids...if they were, they would do more research...
Quote: Originally Posted by applejuice Naw, they would just have to go out and get some honest work. :
[QUOTE=izobelle;8390357]I'll take the last point first, please. I think that the point the CNN article she referenced is making is that vaccines- despite nearly universal coverage- were not making these people a lot of money. Prevnar and Gardasil revived the industry. So if you take the standard childhood set of vaccinations that we are usually debating here, they were doing badly. Now, I will admit that thanks to R&D they have managed to come up with some vaccines...
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