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You guys look fabulous!!!!!
I too am sorry for many feeling sick. It's not easy already having sore muscles to add additional stress on parts of the body.   Cwill: Was on amoxicillan. I will call and check in with them tomorrow and see if any results came back yet. You are right - no sense worrying until we know.
Worried about GBS. Don't know much about it. Didn't have it the other two pregnancies but just got off the abx for the bronchitis and of course raging yeast infection (sorry). Taking probiotics, doing garlic but did the GBS during the raging time. Will I auto fail?   Should I ask for retest?
Hi!   So appointment went well and I was very happy that the "head" midwife was there to palpitate, etc. I'm so in awe of her work and experience - 6000+ births. That is mindblowing to me... They told me about a couple that just delivered their twins who like me drove from NJ. It's good to see people so passionate about what they do.   We did the GBS and I've gained about 17 pounds. I am measuring quite ahead 4+ weeks - but the baby is a good size so it's extra fluid....
Finally another midwife appt tomorrow. Last one was Oct 30th!!   Yes to dates. If I have had them before, I don't remember. I hope that I like them and will eat them daily. Been drinking tea as well. Need to do more mental prep and list making now.   Oh and I found out that I'm having a shower at work tomorrow. Due to the weather my midwife appointment for today had to be moved (no way we were going to drive that distance in the weather) and when I moved it to...
I too would be very interested.
Still here as well.   Dropped a bunch of stuff for a few weeks due to illness but on the mend now.   I think the infrequency of my midwife appointments also help to contribute to the lack of impending childbirth. They are such no muss no fuss, natural as anything.   Lots to do really since we lots the month of November. I've called a couple of places to check availability to birth. Cabins, etc. I just obviously don't really know if I go out there to birth a week...
The past few days I have been really struggling to stay positive about my birth - and realize that I need to get back into a positive mental state. We had the flu then bronchtis in November and I just got off antibiotics that I had to cave in and get due to Vitamin C, Elderberry, etc not working.   Then Saturday night I pulled a muscle with a mild cough while trying to pull a shade closed in the kids room. Pulled a muscle so badly that I spent the day crying yesterday...
I remember when my son started signing it around 10 months old. Brought tears to my eyes to know he knew how to better communicate what he wanted.   Now and ever since being able to talk it's "mommy milkies"
Thank you. They gave me amoxicillian but all of the eye drops and ointments were a cat C. Yeah our house need a major "demons /  germs out" but the only one who didn't get round 2 was my 6 year old and cleaning in not something she is fond of .   All the more reason to try and hurry and get better to clean.
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