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Lately for me it's been fruit. By the bucketful.   Before that anything and everything spicy.
What kind of diffuser do you have. I need to get one. I have some oil burners made of soap stone one of which is in the kids room that I put lavendar in but given the moods in the house could use something that permeates a little more of the house
Just to update. I ordered last week. Actually two (one in error that I am sure I will be denied for as it's hospital grade) and one that I was approved for that I received yesterday.   Since my house is sick I won't even open the initial shipping box until well after germs have disappeared.
Hang in there Orchide! It is tough but you are tougher.
Argh so we are all sick. Making it's way through the house since Thursday. First DD, then DS and Hubby. Of course I get it last.   Yesterday was bad. Back spasms and tight stomach, deep coughing. Tea, tea, tea, tea, water, fruit. Kept going long after I was saying every two minutes how badly I needed to lay down because kids were a wreck still and between that, the mess and all our animals - it was too much even for a vastly improved hubby.   I'm sorry to hear about...
Jan 25 here. Ooh we all may be soo close. :)
Got the beads today! Lovely beads all. I really thought of putting mine in little packets with notes on them like yours. But day in and day out they kept being carried back and forth to work in my bag.   I would have gotten to it eventually but who knows when .   So....   "To my fellow birthing mama's whether this is your first baby, or your 6th. Whether you struggled to conceive or it was a breeze. We are here together on this journey and for that I am grateful. It...
Okay - I recall I was still low at 28 and think I went back in at 33 or 34.
I'm mostly vegan (eat fish) but iron levels have checked out good last few times. Actually my midwife said I could skip my last test since my levels were so good. I make no extra effort to help the levels so must attribute it my prenatals - also Rainbow Light.   HTH
I love it!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: