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What week are you PamelaRRR?   I just remember with my DS that they were monitoring my placental placement to make sure I didn't risk out of the midwives. It kept measuring very low and finally I just pleaded "out of town" and pushed my appointment back for repeat U/S till close to the end.
OrchidZ - If it's not packed away (we have a lot of things still in boxes since moving in Feb) I have an old monitor you can have and I think even that the test strips may still be in date.   CWill - I know what you mean about TMI same here. I had stomach issues last week and again this week and increased cramping and braxtons all due to gas / BM. Ugh.   I'm eating soo much today.
Same here Tiffany. I think not knowing what we are having helps drive my indecisiveness - and I too and highly indecisive at all times so there you are.
Simonzkedge - Glad to know I am not alone.   The names that I liked - I still like, but I just don't feel them.   With my DD I knew 2 years before I had her that I would name her Corinne. It's funny because I have loved the name Samantha since I was a wee one and swore I'd name a daughter that but 2 years before I got pregnant I fell for another name and it just felt right. You know?   I'm the type of person that has to feel something. Whether it's a house, a day...
Hi all - have been too swamped to check in with the thread but just catching up on everything. Hugs to everyone - heck we all do really need them.   I'm sorry to those with friends who've lost. I've been nervous (no reason to be really) about it lately myself. While the lack of appointments due to my provider being a lay midwife and far away help me to feel relaxed in one regard. Almost an imposed feeling of just letting what happens happen. I saw the shock on an old...
I'm still no where with this.
That sounds fine. Please don't pay any extra to ensure tracking though. It's kind of you to sort and mail as it is without any extra steps.  
Love that belly photo tspencer!
27 weeks  
One certified in the Webster Technique. Although we're fairly sure baby is head down (wish the main midwife was in and hope she will be for my next appointment) the baby is definately posterior.   Given my history I decided to try some chiro adjustments coupled with lots of crawling and hands and knees. I've also ordered Sit up and Take Notice from Amazon.   Guess I need to also spend some time looking at mapping on spinning babies to see if I can get better with...
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