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Yeah I just called my previous MW office (they were CNMs) and they said that I'd not be able to do it without a script.   DD was breech too for me and we needed to do external version. She may have flipped at the end if left alone (and I was doing the correct exercises :)
So I've been thinking that I ought to try visualization and see how I feel in each scenario to help me in my provider for this baby. Thing is that I am a very unfocused individual (even with my daily dose of DHA / EPA :) and don't typically do much productive visualization.   How do I get started? I've just started a little meditation and know it's something you build and get better at. How do I not fall asleep while visualizing?   Thanks.
Yes I'd start the search early as well. Helps alleviate the stress to have decisions made or options ruled out.
I'm thinking about getting an ultrasound - just one. Not sure how to get it since both my midwives are very low on diagnostic tests and don't think they can even order one.   Ideas?
We too found that prepping everyting the night before really helps in the morning. That and since we pack food we usually get a draft of a menu at the beginning of the week (but move things around if our bodies tell us differently) and prepare the food for lunch the evening before. That is going to be hard to get back into that routine for school since it's been so lackadaisical with my hubby staying home.
Yes - I am looking to birth out of the hospital with this one. Both DD and DS were hospital births. I'm either having a MW come to my house or driving to birth elsewhere.
After reading so many things here I am also starting to wonder what it'd be like to drive 2 hours while in labor - even for a midwife whose been practicing for 30 years? My husband would drive, the kids would be in the back.   There are so many things to wonder about - prelabor can happen for days and then there is the wonder and false starts "if this is it...". Since I've not had a full labor it may take forever (the one midwife said it's likely it will take a long...
I just had an idea after reading your replies above. Perhaps it doesn't need to be either / or but can be both. I can suggest to him that for dress up / Halloween he be a landscaper. If he likes that idea - we turn the wagon into his trailer, make him an outfit with name tag and he can have both simple homemade tools as well as specific landscaping toys inside the wagon.
I am as well. So I am subbing and going to take time later to really read through some stuff.   At times it's worse than others and I've learned to cope (not quite sure how) but my house is a loud house and my children are very loud. I believe that my children are overly sensitive as well.
It's been a few years since my DS but my son comfort nursed at night a few days ago for the first time in awhile so I figured to chime in. The sessions get incredibly short (the other night was basically pop on, get a brief back rub and he was out in a flash) and I was out of that bottom bunk pretty fast too :)   They goes through phases and some phases are a huge pain in the tush and some are bearable. There are the phases that seem to go on forever (like during...
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