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Apologies if there is a thread already on this. Tried looking but didn't see anything.   My DS (4 next month) has a fascination with landscaping tools the past few months (seeing other people get work done on their lawns). Often times to play he will find items and turn them into a weedwacker or leafblower and will create all sort of fancy looking items compiled together for his tools.   I was looking online the other day for something for him and inspiration...
Someone I love sent my son a book that I think is titled "I'm a boy". It's about all the things that the boy can be (very stereotypical junk) and it ends with "but for right now I am a real boy and that is good".   It ticks me off because my almost 4 year old son loves purple and pink, doesn't like dinosaurs, dragons, or anything scary and despite his rough and tumble self is a doll nursing loving little guy who at least at this time doesn't jive with such a book. I...
I'm looking to talk to someone local to me who offers discount services or who knows of how to find doulas in training.   Thanks much.
KistheMum - I just saw the picture of the bird and granted it may be my 17 week pregnant self but tears sprung to my eyes. Well said that quote is. Thank you.
I love the illustration in:   On the Mountain - Maurice Pledger The Mitten - and other Jan Brett Books   Like the following: Princess Pigsty Princess Knight   My daughter really likes the Amelia Bedilia books lately
My youngest will be 4 next month and he is still nursing but as he agrees I have no milk. It was mere drops before becoming pregnant. My nipples hurt very badly and as long as he stays latched I can practice breathing and counting to stay calm. I need to relearn hypno.   Right now I comfort nurse at bed, some mornings and if he is sick or upset... but the demand and sadness he feels over there not being milk is easing some.   He does know that I will have milk...
I've subscribed to the blog but haven't read enough to know what has been covered yet and what has not. Of the few entries I read the handwriting one made me tear up. My son almost 4 was writing most letters with such pride about 6 - 8 months ago then his interest was gone very quickly. Come to find out after the fact that it was because his montessori teacher was focused on pencil grip and told him since he was doing it wrong that he wasn't to write in class.
I am in! I know that I joined our due date month late but would really love to have beads from so many like minded moms to be with me during labor.
We're still tossing them around - or at least I am in my head.   Our two kids are Corinne Annalise & Gabriel Ernest.   We've been discussing Jillian (and calling the baby Jilly Bean) or Joshua but I am still eyeing mythological, Gaelic and other names too see if anything really speaks to me.   I did like Eirena (Air-ree-a) and was fixated on it about a year ago.
Thank you!   Yes - he is cutting down from insistence. As long as he stays latched I can deal with the discomfort by focusing on breathing, counting to myself or tactile stimulation. Problem is that he was always a very distracted nurser and latches and re-latches too much for comfort. :)   I feel bad about insisting but it's no longer upseting him as much. At first he'd do play acting with a doll who he just didn't have enough milk for and now he is starting to...
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