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As mentioned, garage sales can be a good source. When my daughter was in daycare she'd go through clothes like they were nothing (crafts) so we had to get lots of clothes really cheap to compliment the ones we spent $ on. Local schools have sales seemingly a few times a year so keep an eye out in newspapers and join local networks. We also have sold some of our stuff on Craigslist so there or Freecycle can be a good source as well.
There is a Holistic Mom's Network. I see that they are having a cloth diapering thing at the Lawrence Library on 6/1. Is that what you are looking for? Or more playgroups?
I'm in Lawrenceville and we love it. We rent a house here. Our daughter is in a Montessori program (at least for the time being) and we are still discovering places to go, things to do. The area is lovely though and can certainly be more affordable as compared to Princeton. Which we really love too.
We have Corinne Annalise and Gabriel Ernest.
I could really use some help so hopefully you all have some great suggestions. No pressure... My DD is 32 months and DS is 8 months. At the end of my pregnancy DD was in the constant help phase of development. So I was focused on learning what to do when others come over in terms of facilitating sibling rivalry (ie., she leads visitor to baby, lot's of "our baby" talk). Somehow in the mist of all of his colic / high needs behavior it became less of "our baby" and...
Oh wow, good for you. Please DO keep us posted on your progress. I was unsuccessful at my VBAC attempt in September and am still grieving over it. I am hopeful that there may be one more chance in a few years and will be following your story to see how it all turns out. Wishing you a wonderful birth experience.
Two here too... 2 years, 6 months and 6 months. It's so trying his screeching, her now turning to thumb sucking... plus 4 cats and a dog.
I second Baby Signing Time. We were very anti - TV it just so happened that her increased exposure to it coincided with her new brothers arrival (6 months ago). I got them for a gift for him and she loves them. When they watch other kids do the signs and the signs are combined with songs and colors... magic. We all sign now and she loves them. BTW her language is phenomenal... (some people poo poo the idea due to what they anticipate to be issues with desire to...
Try not to be embarrassed (easier said.. because I feel it too). My DD is 2.5 and she still gets one before bed. We eliminated the morning one about a month or so ago with a "big girl sippie" and yes she was not happy. Plus she still gets a binky at nap and bed. Otherwise she sucks her thumb. There are times that it's hard to see her (front teeth now messed and all) sucking and not want to change it... but it comforts her and what right do I have to eliminate something...
If there are other threads on this, I apologize as I wasn't even sure what to search for without some digging. My DS now 6 mo. has had tummy issues since birth and we have had him sleeping at an incline in his papasan chair next to us, swaddled since about 3 months. Obviously he's getting large for both the chair and the swaddle but it works. It seems every time we try (granted it's been about a month now since last time - and I think I tried unswaddled co-sleeping...
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