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Who uses them? What kind?   I had boppies with both kids, but I always either had to wedge pillows underneath or slouch. I've seen Born Free has one that looks like it is firmer and would put the baby more in line with my breasts when we are not side laying.
I just came across one for sale on Craigslist by me and you are only about an hour from me. You may be able to reach out to a midwife or doula to help you get a discount or who you can share costs with another expecting mom?
Did you end up getting one? I've been thinking of one.
Yeah I am wondering if I should get the non natural stuff just to give the areas chances to heal as this has been going on about a month back and forth now.
Tiff - so sorry about the bleeding again. I've never had a loss and cannot imagine how that feels to see blood. My grandmother had 7 children and for 5 of them had her period all through her pregnancy. I know that may not help but I am glad for you that you had your midwife on the line to help you relax about it a little.
Okay will try. Hate putting things up there... not far enough up and they fall out too far up and hard to get out or I worry about it being near cervix / baby space.   Ugh.
No, but fairly close. Lay midwife here as well. She births for primarily Amish so is fairly hands off. I've got a copy of Emergency Childbirth in the event we don't make it in time.   Very glad to see some UCers here :)
Ughs. So ever since the amoxicillan I've had a yeast infection. It clears up some then comes roaring back. At least in this pregnancy it's not causing bleeding but in past pregnancies each time I got one and it did cause some bleeding.   I am taking probiotics like crazy and about a week or so ago did garlic suppositories. It cleared up for a few days but here we are again.   I know that sugars and starches are my enemies and will admit that the brownies with chocolate...
I'm fairly sure that the babe moved from right to left last night! Up until now we were ROT mostly and today the bulk is on the left. I'm feeling a lot of pressure on my bladder which is new.
Woot woot - got a doula!!!!!
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