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My 3yo daughter asked for a (Specifically a BLUE BABY Batman) Batman Costume for her 3rd Birthday (Oct 2nd) so she is already for Halloween! All the store costumes were huge on her so I made her a cape. But I do not have permission to make an attachment so I guess you can't see the pictures? I am so proud of making this costume and of her orginality in choice I'd love to share.  
Thank you everyone. I have a list, I'll be pming you.
I'm 30 weeks and we just moved back here from across country and bought a house. And of course we are paying a midwife too. So money is very tight. I water birthed my last baby at home, and it was a great experience, one I'd like to repeat. I need to find a used pool I can rent or buy affordably. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks . - Bailey
I can find class listings but I would love a recomendation. Thanks!
Thank you, Dr. Deb Zaret is GREAT!
Where are the playgroups? I think we are to late for summer daycamps, but I'd still like the kids out to meet other Kids. And in the fall it would be great to find a homeschooling coop. Can anyone point the way?
Nothing close to us there, but a great resource for other services, thanks. I use a lot of homeopathy, and herbs, but I think my daughter's condition is best managed with all Ford of health care, MD's included.
We tried one practice out and they looked at us askew a lot, recommended drugs all over the place, and showed a glaring lack of empathy with my crying 3yo. Help!! We have a medically complex child who needs the supervision of a doctor and cardiologist but I'd like to find someone a little more...progressive?Not really sure if that's the right word but better is what we are really looking for. We are in lynnwood near alderwood. Thanks in advance!
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