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Ugh, so I am really screwed since I have signed the form before? CRAP!!!!
Do you HAVE to sign the "refused vaccinations" form at the Dr office? I don't mind signing that I don't want vaxes for my son, but I do mind signing a form saying that I am putting him in harm. :
My DS loves any sort of music, but some favorites are Dan Zanes (definitely check him out!), They Might Be Giants and Reel Big Fish.
I'm a redhead with no food allergies. I am allergic to Demerol though. I don't have bleeding/healing issues either. I actually heal very quickly. DS is a redhead and has trouble with milk.
Damn it. This thread has me craving a pop tart. Thankfully, there are none in my house.
It definitely hurts, but not for long. Mine made me feel really nauseous during the piercing, but then I felt fine right after. I took care of mine and it never got infected, or anything. It didn't really hurt afterward either, unless it got bumped pretty hard. I'd go for it. I'm a wuss with pain, too, but it really isn't that bad. It passes quickly. I love having mine.
Why be rude? Well, when missionaries from a particular church come to *my* house WEEKLY, after I have politely told them I am not interested, it calls for drastic measures. I am usually polite to missionaries. However, we had missionaries come by week after week and we repeatedly told them that we were happy with our church and were not interested in theirs. Yet, they would not leave us alone. So, we finally had to get rude. Lucky for us though, we are now on their...
Well, if they work for others and the child is happy, then fine. I tried it with DS at the airport and it was a nightmare. He pulled too hard on it and fell on his chin. Haven't used it since and never will again.
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