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Thanks, Everyone. This is all very helpful. Passing along the info.
What tried and true alternatives have you used with success? Licensed Midwife in attendance.  Mother tested + for GBS at 37 weeks. Would like to avoid IV ABX Mother is planning to labor at home for as long as possible. If the labor moves along quickly enough, she's not sure she'll even go to the hospital  
Our birth center event is Saturday April 2nd 7-10pm and our henna artist just canceled last minute. If you are or know of anyone else who is available to take her place for this event, please email me private. We're so disappointed and know our attendees will be as well. Kendra@toothlessgrin.com
Hi,   I wonder if we could email private? I'm a midwife assistant here in Kitsap (not for the midwife you mentioned, I'm sure). I think your first step should maybe be setting up a visit. Just getting to meet with a provider and find out more about her philosophy of birth, experience, fees and so on.    I'd be delighted to speak with you by email or phone.   bLLLessings,     Kendra@toothlessgrin.com    
Have you tried Midwife Carol Gautschi? I know she's looking for a new apprentice. She's on FB and the web.   Kendra
Dr Terra Sowinski is both a naturopath and licensed midwife. She's at Able Wellness Center in Belfair. She's wonderful! I also second Dr Joella Pettigrew for pregnancy and child chiropractics. She's awesome *and* I share an office with her!   Kendra Machen
Yes, I organized and hosted one in WA State back in July. I love Carla and wanted to support she and AAMI. The instructor was Kristi Zittle from Virgina Beach VA. We had 18 enrolled, I believe. I did learn a few things. I went in with really high expectations. I came out understanding that I'm not really ever going to be the model of midwife AAMI graduates. It's funny because I totally surprised myself in finding this out about myself. I believe our MSL was...
I'll be there! Will be staying at the venue (Hilton) like I did last time. This time I'll be going up w/o family. 5 days is a long time to expect my kids and hubby to do the hotel thing. If you *do* bring family, there's a wonderful waterpark (indoor and HUGE) close enough that the family can do that while you do the workshops each day. My boys had a very good time doing that. Planning on keeping my calendar clean for the time surrounding the conference in order to...
CAPPA all the way! I'm certified as a childbirth educator through them and am on year 7 teaching with that certification. Just a few months ago singed up for doula certification after going it w/o cert of the past 10 years. I wouldn't work with any other org for this certification. They're on their toes with contact when you have a question and I have no complaints. That being said, I think any certification is worth whatever you put into it. You can't expect a huge...
I had Teri Doughty as my midwife twice. Yes, sadly, she did retire. Here in Kitsap, several of Teri's past families have been using Mifawnwy Decker Carlson. She's in Olalla and has been a licensed midwife for 30 years. Her contact number is 253.857.6359 She doesn't catch at the birth centers, though. Just homebirths. Good luck! Kendra Machen in Port Orchard
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