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What a beautiful gift you gave to your little ones! That's really impressive. I've only been nursing and/or pregnant for the last ten years. Weaning really is hard, even when you know it's the right time. Way to go, Mumm!
I wouldn't be worried at all. Some women don't get it back until baby weans. Mine were all 14-20 months old when it returned. But I had been tandem nursing, and my period didn't come back until the older one weaned. Also, even when it returns, the cycle may not be regular for a while, and you may or may not ovulate.
Lola Marigold sounds like a lovely name for your sweet baby girl. Not sure what time zone you are in...will you let us know what your family chose?
That was my first pregnancy sign with baby #5! I noticed with all my pregnancies, just extra early that time.
My milk has dried up during my pregnancies, but my nurslings kept going. I would really prefer to have milk for them (and I think it wouldn't be quite as uncomfortable for me if they were getting some milk, instead of dry-nursing). I'm not pregnant, but kind of hoping that will happen soon. My nurslings right now are 18 months, and turning four next month (she is only nursing once before bed now).   Any tips, ideas, help to keep my milk from going dry during...
Between 14 and 20 months.
Quote: Originally Posted by SomethingAnonymous Hey, I'm 5' and about 94 lbs right now. I wear a size 1 in pants. I was wondering, those of you who are similar sized- where do you find clothes? I am in a pretty small town so I think I need to go online probably. I need pajama pants mostly right now. Have any of you found any good pj pants that don't drag on the ground for you? I am finding it increasingly harder to find clothes, especially...
Thanks for all the helpful info on this thread. I haven't been on mothering forums much lately, but I know to come here for help when I need it!
My baby is 9 months next month, not eating any solids yet. All my babies were slow to get into solids, but grew fine, and they are good, healthy eaters now. I am having a problem finding jeans to fit these days. It doesn't seem right when size 00 looks baggy!! I haven't been out walking much lately, and feel jiggly. I know I would feel better if I was in better shape. Sometimes being skinny makes it easier to justify to myself that it doesn't matter if I'm not fit. But...
We love to camp! We went last month, when the baby was only 8 days old! It went so well. We were in a tent, sleeping on foam mattresses. It was actually really comfy. We're going for a week as a family in September, and I'm really excited about that!
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