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I have found that being well-hydrated really helps me have less restless legs, even drinking water throughout the night. And even though that makes me have to pee, I have to get up to pee anyway!
My husband had left this article up for me http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/...86104/#article reporting the same study. I was so pleased to read it, as I think it is a step in the right direction. My first baby was born breech vaginally in 1999, but since then, I have only heard of women here having a c-sec for breech babies. I hope this gives many women the chance for a vaginal natural breech birth.
I would certainly save it to use for another batch of canning. I'm not an expert in food safety, but within 3 days would be fine in my opinion. Wow that you are canning zucchini already! Our plants are just a few leaves big so far. Guess we're in different zones
With all my pregnancies I have measured behind starting at about 30 weeks. I think it depends on your own body, where the baby is, etc., etc. The main benefit I see of it is that it is showing a consistent growth. If there isn't a change in a few weeks, that could be cause to check things out a little more. A gradual growth is exactly what is supposed to be happening. I don't think a couple cm one way or the other is a big deal.
Travell (makes me think of travel) would go together with Journey. I would pronounce it Tra-VELL. I had thought of it as a middle name for my friend's third baby boy. They wanted something with a special meaning, as they work and travel internationally. Good luck. We're stuck on a boy or a girl name - and it's sure to be one of those!
I'm a mom of four, soon to be five. With some extra foster kids around some of the time, and different friends and relatives popping by Sometimes we comment on how empty our table seems when it's "only" us at home.
Wow, Amanda, I'm so impressed! Great job. I live several provinces away from my mom, and won't see her until after the baby is born. I would love to do a project like this with her. I do have a friend expecting a few months after me, and we're hoping to find a day to get a bunch of meals put away. I'll have to keep some of your meal ideas in mind, they look very tasty!
No, this is the recipe that I use, as is. I can't say if they are "authentic" tortillas, but we love them here! I would love other recipes that you like to use to make tortillas.
It's on hold for me at the library. I am looking forward to it even more now!
Quote: Originally Posted by AnnieMarie I have frozen store bought ones in the past, but would love to make my own. Specially since I have stone ground flour just waiting to be used : Please can you share your recipe Carlyn Corn Tortillas (I triple recipe, but it's really thick to stir together!) Stir together in saucepan on low heat (I heat water to boiling in point, then leave on element and stir in rest of ingredients, it stays hot...
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