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Quote: Originally Posted by texaspeach I'm trying to remember if tortillas (plain) freeze ok. I would do some tacos and freeze the tortillas separate but I can't remember if they thaw ok. My three little girls and I made tortillas yesterday (one of my 6yo's favourite activities!) and froze what we didn't eat for supper. They work great. I just pile them up as we fry them, and put them all in a freezer ziploc bag when they are cool. I take out...
Quote: Originally Posted by Beauchamp A bit more freezer help, please... - If you make meatballs, do you bake and then freeze, or freeze them raw? - I haven't had luck freezing whole wheat pasta. It gets mushy. Anyone else? - If you make tomato/spaghetti sauce, can you freeze it in store-bought spaghetti sauce jars (i.e. not "Ball" jars, but like regular Prego/Classico jars, etc.) Or is it better to freeze in smaller containers? - what's the...
I agree that at this point you should not be concerned at all about the baby's position. I thought it was funny that you feel all your movements low down, and your baby is breech. My experience was opposite. My first baby was born breech (vaginally). He turned that way around 37 weeks, I think. ALL the movements were right in my ribs when he was breech. His head, arms, knees, and feet all seemed to be right up in my ribs!!
My first midwife told me those were good signs that your body is getting ready to for the upcoming birth. Doesn't mean it will happen right away, but that things are shifting to prepare for the labour. My nausea usually came back in the last couple weeks, and I get a lot more cramping as things gear up. All the best as you prepare to meet your baby - whenever he or she decides to come!
I'm 31 1/2 weeks, and have gained about 25 lbs so far. I feel really good about how the baby and I are growing. I was underweight to begin with (always happens to me while I'm breastfeeding). I am eating very healthy. I'm keeping busy and active - being a homemaker with lots of little ones around!
[QUOTE=lightheart;13783523] Quote: Originally Posted by mamafish9 and I need to find someplace for my mint that it won't take over the world. QUOTE] I wonder if they are looking for things to plant on the international space station? ... at least it wouldn't take over this world! I just moved some of my mints from our old house, I planted everything in pots and sunk the pots in the ground, will let you know how bad they spread in a couple of days ...
We have a week or two before the last expected frost. Last week we had at least two mornings of hard frost. It's so hard to wait this last bit until we can plant everything out! We had a good rain last night, and there is sunshine today. Everything looks so beautiful out, all bright and green and colourful and shiny. I LOVE SPRING!
I received four blueberry bushes for mother's day. So excited! Frost is expected tonight, so we're still a little ways from planting out more stuff...it's so hard to wait! The cherry blossoms didn't get frost, though, so hopefully we'll have a good harvest-last year they froze
Quote: Originally Posted by katmann I need to brag about my starter. I found this old tattered Sunset guide to bread, and it talks about how settlers in the west made starters with milk. I had some slightly sour raw milk in the fridge, so I mixed 1 cup of rye flour with 1 cup sour milk in a glass bowl and covered it with a dish cloth for a day. It was bubbly and sour smelling within a day. After that, I fed it with two tbsp AP flour and a little water...
Another thing to add to my to-do list! My last sourdough starter was soooo sour. My family wasn't really enjoying it. I want to start another batch and see if it will turn out better. Any tips to keep it from being so sour tasting? It was pretty much mouth-puckering!
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