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Hi! I just intro'd myself too. I tandem nursed my middle girls for almost two years! A month after the oldest one weaned herself, I got my period back, and 9 months later our littlest one arrived My other daughter weaned while I was pregnant this time, so I'm "just" nursing one. Carlyn
I thought of some more stuff that we do around here: baby sleeps in bed with us babywearing-I love to wrap (cheap and homemade!) fertility awareness home birth Carlyn
I've often looked on these forums before (for a few years!) and thought I might like to join in a bit. I'm married (almost 10 years!) to the best husband! My kids are 8 (boy), almost 5, almost 3, and 4 months (girls). I stay at home with them, and we homeschool. We lived overseas for about 6 years, doing community development work. Now we are back in Canada, near Stratford, Ontario, and starting to get involved with life here. We live in an old farmhouse out in...
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