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Hanging clothes at night often doesn't work, as the dew is too heavy. I just hang our clothes inside out on the line, and that works fine to keep the clothes from fading from the sunlight. The clothes will be more crunchy if the day is quite still, with wind they'll be softer. I dry almost all our clothes on racks in the house. I got my racks for less than $10 at Canadian Tire on sales. With 2 racks I can keep up with the entire laundry, including cloth diapers. I don't...
Fifth baby for me, fourth homebirth. I am not doing anything to prepare yet, but it will be pretty easy to pull together the few things we would need. I have wondered if we would want to try to set up a tub for labouring, and possibly birthing in. Not sure yet. Also not sure yet where the birth will take place! We're a bit far from our midwifery practise, so we may need to find somewhere closer for the birth. If so, I can think of a few options that should work. My first...
I like Finley. We are very close to another family with a son who has the same first name as our son. We always called them by both their first and middle names. His middle name was Finlay, pronounced the same as Finley. I thought it was a great name! The fish thing never crossed my mind before, but we never shortened it, just used the full name.
A birdfeeder could be great. My 4.5 yr old daughter loves her hummingbird feeder (down for the winter at the moment) and likes keeping seeds in her feeder now. She often chooses to use any money that she might get to buy bird seed, and is so proud to let people know there are birds on her feeder. We were just talking at supper today about getting another feeder to feed some different types of birds too. An apron could be fun, or other kitcheny things. Cookie cutters,...
I love books by L M Montgomery. The Anne of Green Gables series, of course. A lesser-known book of hers that I really enjoy is The Blue Castle.
Oliver Michael sounds really good together. I have noticed that Oliver is pretty popular, but it is a very nice name. I love the name Meredith too!
I got some silicone muffin liners (like the paper ones, but you wash them and reuse them). I also hate greasing the individual cups, so this works much better for me. I don't use Pam spray and I don't like throwing the paper ones away. So for me this works. I do have to wash them at the end, but they're pretty easy to clean.
I think the crockpot is a fantastic help in my kitchen! I love making roasts-they're so simple, and always turn out tasty. I stick in whatever roast I've got, add a bunch of veggies for flavour (usually celery, onions, garlic, sometimes carrots), some salt and pepper and maybe some seasonings (rosemary is always great), pour in water until it's about halfway up the meat, and let it cook on low all day. Use the stock to make some gravy, and for soup another time. There...
I found that being well hydrated helped. If I wasn't drinking enough, my restless legs were worse. So far this pregnancy it hasn't been too bothersome.
For older children: Dancing Through the Snow by Jean Little
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