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A little off topic, but this has been weighing heavy on my heart and I thought some ladies here might have some wisdom to share.  I started CTA following a miscarraige.  I got pregnant while using the Nuvaring.  I had learned charting back in college when I was abstaining as my preferred method of pregnancy prevention.    Fast forward to life after 2 children, both with high risk pregnancies requiring 4-5 months of bed rest each time.  After my period returned with...
Just started my period today so another successful (or unsuccessful - depending on perspective I guess) month of Charting to Avoid.  Thanks ladies for the support and wisdom.  It's given me the courage to give the artificial hormones the boot and trust myself and my body.
Hi ladies.  It's been a year that I have been artificial hormone free.  It took us a while to get used to the new normal, but so far, so good.  thanks for the support.
I need to buy some new dishes. I can't seem to figure out where to start. I've read that Fiestaware doesn't contain lead. What else should I be worried about? Do you love your dishes? Please let me know.
i found this blog post with 2 options   http://laurasrules.org/2012/04/28/sofa-saga-part-4-success-two-great-sources-for-truly-green-sofas/  
I am a FB Fan of both
I'd like to "sign up" again so to speak.  I had a loss last January while on hormonal borth control and vowed never to do that again.  I've sucessfully avoided getting pregnant since then with FAM/NFP.  I have not been great about charting and temping so we've limited our activity.  But I'm hoping to start temping again with this upcoming cycle.  Of course nothing is stopping me from starting tomorrow.
Looking for a practitioner for my 89 year old grandfather. He is A diabetic with a week heart and slowly failing kidneys. His docs can't give him pain meds for his net e myopathy because his kidneys can't process them. He is desperate for pain relief and would otherwise probably not be someone to pursue accupunctue. Any leads would be appreciated.
Hi Ladies,  wondering about on-line charting options.  I don't have a smart phone but would be happy to hear about any aps too.  My DH is really hoping to upgrade to smart phones soon...  
Thanks for checking in.  It is going fairly well. We are happy with what we are doing right now and I am more comfortable being the one to interpret my fertility signs.  I will say my GYN looked at me like I was crazy when I told her we were abstaining during my fertile period.  I got the "oh, yeah, the rhythm method" comment.  Um, no I said, it's a lot more scientific than that and gave a short explanation.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised but it made me sad that  GYN...
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