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Breastfed babies should not have anything but breastmilk. 4 months old in that original question, which is quite old.
Thanks Diane.
Why not find a more baby friendly hospital within a reasonable distance of driving for you?   Every single diabetic pregnancy is different -- and you cannot predict if/when you will have a baby born with low blood glucose.  You have other children by your signature, and if you're accused of negligence, then your other children can be 'protected" by CPS in New York state.   Canandaigua, NY has a very diabetic mother friendly hospital and is within a couple of...
Are there any other 45 year old mothers wondering if their spotting instead of a period is due to perimenopause or breastfeeding? I have spotting every 30 days, a breastfed 19 month old who eats complementary meals of course, and when my 12 year old daughter started her first cycle, it jarred me into the realization that I only had one period in the last 19 months since baby.   We have no family history of any reproductive cancers or anything wonky, so I'm not...
Congratulations! We were on the TTC board together, and my Daniel is due Oct. 14.
Nicely done there mama!! Welcome Wynter!
Awesome!! We announced our pregnancies about the same time, mine was an IUI after two miscarriages, and I'm due 10/14. I really looked forward to seeing your successful delivery.
Yep, I'm due Oct. 14th with a scheduled 4th c-section. Because of a partial placental abruption I had #3 at 35w5 days. So of course I feel wayyyyyyyyyy overdue already. Then again, I had a take home 5 lb. 11 oz. baby who seemed like a micropreemie to me, so I'm hoping for a normal 10 lber this time.
So annoying!! I hear ya. I'm due Oct. 14 with #6. I've been asked by 3 different OB's if I'd like a tubal. The first one I busted out laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. Um, no, we find we can space our family size just fine by avoiding the exit on the throughway that leads to the FERTILITY CLINIC. They read my file. I've had fertility babies, except for one spontaneous conception. I'm 44 years old a couple of weeks after this baby is due. So why would I...
YKYPW the smell of your husband returning from cooking maple sap after work makes you want to get out of your sick bed and go make pancakes and bacon to put that syrup on. And you want to cry that he didn't just offer to make you some pancakes and bacon.. at 10:30 p.m. As he was going to bed to get up for his factory job that starts at 6a.m. Yeah, I'm unreasonable. But at least I was silent. And I just made bacon and pancakes for the family, the next morning....
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