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Yeah, my midwife suggested to my surprise to be careful to take it easy for at least the first 2 weeks and not go too crazy until after I'm cleared at 6 weeks. She said you can get long term issues if you do too much too soon. Like prolapse stuff I guess. She didn't even want me taking walks the first 2 weeks. Not sure if I'll stick completely too that though. :)   No advice on the moby, but sometimes babies have preferences for different carriers. So, you could be...
Yeah, my first had an upper lip frenulum issue I think. The LC had mentioned it at the time when she gave the nipple shield. I never had my daughter checked out for it, but she also may have had something like that because I could not get her latch right as hard as I tried and when I was crying in pain each time she latched I just gave in to the nipple shield again and decided I'd wean her off it later. 
True. We have a bunch of tomatoes and have managed to get one cucumber LOL.   The person below me is going to family's house for the Fourth.
Those with latch issues, I had that with my first and third, like I said before, the nipple shield may really help. Don't be afraid to try it. You can work on weaning them off when they are a little older. I weaned my third off of it at 3 months old - might have been able to do sooner, but really didn't want to worry about painful nipples again.   I would avoid formula unless it became absolutely necessary, I think that is a dangerous road when it comes to supply. It...
I wouldn't rush to L and D anyway. They put you on the clock as soon as they know your fluids have broken and as long as nothing has been shoved up there then you have up to 4 days of safety net after the water breaks according to "Heart and Hands" midwifery text. Of course you would want to watch for signs of a fever or infection.  Sounds like a good plan with the ph strips.
False. I rarely drink coffee. Pregnant or not. But, I did dream that someone gave me a small can of organic coffee they didn't need. LOL   The person below me is going to a 4th of July parade.
here we are, you are a first time mom. Try to relax. Stressing about the details won't do you any good. :)  You could have only 2 PUL covers and make it work. And I just wash them, wring out the water and hang them wherever you find a spot. - over a chair, over the towel bar, drying rack, whatever. 
J an Js mommy, it has to do with the way things are situated down there. So, baby's head can be way low in the pelvis toward the front while the cervix is still facing the back and you have to reach behind the baby's head to find the cervix I guess. http://www.babycenter.com/fetal-development-images-39-weeks - for a visual. Just imagine the baby lower than in that pic. That's how mine seems to be right now as well though I'm not 100% sure where my cervix is. I don't get...
rainbow nurse, it depends on the type of covers. If you are talking PUL, then 5 will probably be fine. Though, maybe one more would be nice, but you could always get it later if you discover the need. With PUL, you can hand wash the covers really easy and they hang dry fast, but you probably wouldn't need to if you have 5-6.
True sort of. DH will be home at least.    The person below me's weather is rainy. 
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