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I would eat guinea pig if served to me, I don't think they are the least bit cute or "pet-like"  Maybe I never met the right guinea pig?   We ate wild rabbit, squirrel, game birds of all sorts when I was growing up and I remember all being tasty.  My family was pretty "country" but they definately drew the line at groundhog, possum, raccoon or anthing else that ate "garbage"   They will still make bear stew if someone gets a bear but they all admit it is more for the...
I have had stewed and curried goat in the Caribbean but never tried it smoked.  Stewed, the flavor is sort of intense, not bad, just much more flavorful than commercial beef.  I would definately try it smoked!
Thanks for the info.  A seperate email account sounds like a good idea.   I did respond to everyone to say I would keep their email in case the first was a no show.
Can someone educate me about how Craisglist works?   I am trying to declutter and have a number of items that are "just too good to throw away."  (I know, I know....)   So I posted under the free section "batch of xyz household items, free for the taking, you pick up" and almost immediately, emails started pouring in.   I told the first person yes, they could have them.    Now what do I do?  Do I delete my post?  When I tried that, I got a message that if...
Well good to know about the turkeys! 
I am curious to know if that is true.  I remember reading some best selling food industry book a while back and a farmer was making a case against the idea that free-range is better.  He gave an example of a free-range farmer that lost something like a 1,000 some turkeys during a thunderstorm because they were out in the field, not under a roof.  Could turkeys really drown themselves?   I do remember massive losses down south several years back when factory farms lost...
Quote: Oh absolutely.  When I learned how long it was ok to not leave EBM refridgerated and other things (like stimulating production) I was so much more relaxed and therefore effective at pumping.     Sadly, I had the same experience.  The leader and members were not interested, at all, in offering any advice and guidance.  I totally get the value of the organization, I am just saying that not all chapters are as opening and "pro" woman/mother as I think they could be.  
Kellymom does have excellent advice.  There was info on massage to increase output that was so, so helpful for me.   I hope I am remembering the right title - The Nursing Mother's Companion was a book I found helpful too.
I am in this camp.  When DS was born, I was at a job that had great paid-time off and retirement matching.  It also offered those pre-tax savings plans for medical and childcare costs, which were awesome.    There were many women there that picked up the health insurance for their entire family and took full advantage of the other benefits but really were not taking home lots of cash each pay period but it was certainly worth it to them to continue working.  
I also went up half a size in shoes.   My rib cage expanded and has remained, over 5 years later, the same larger size.  My breasts are about a cup size smaller and I don't carry much excess weight up top. 
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