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Diaphragm, BF, my husband has one testicle, and I'm 40 and he's 55! Baby must be meant to be!
I think that all of his arguments against telling the kids he's married are temporary and will vanish when the kids see him. He's just afraid to tell them he's really moved on, and he is so far away from them that he's in a dream world right now. Their trip will make a difference. I agree with taking the high road and not taking your own anger out on him now in some way that employs the kids. Part of this is about detaching from the marriage and your break-up, too, which...
Blessings on your daughter's arrival! I voted for Freyja, but I think she will have a hard time explaining the spelling constantly. Freya is easier, and looks pretty, too. Just MHO.
I know an Annalee, and she is a really classy woman. Pretty name. I also know an Avery Violet, just born, and I love that name, too. Although, Avery is now quite popular, in case you didn't know. Great names!
I am right there with Katie -- I'm 40. However, vegasgirl, I think my partner has yours beaten.....he's 55! With 7 other kids! But young and healthy at heart, and we are excited for a new babe. For what it's worth, I don't feel old at all. I feel healthier than when I had my first (at 26) and second (at 38).
Hi, I'm not super tall (5'8") but I know what you mean. I found an awesome shirt from One Hot Mama, at http://www.onehotmama.com/index.asp?...ROD&ProdID=258 It's only $24 and is really long, tunic-like. They have some other styles, too. Good luck!
At 11 weeks, we're still going strong. It hurts a bit more when he bites as he latches on sometimes, but that's about the only problem now. I love nursing him, and he loves it, too, so we will keep going until something changes. My supply hasn't changed, as far as I can tell. It will be interesting to see what happens when it does, as I've never nursed pregnant before!
Thanks, mamas. It helps to know I'm not the only one still waiting for a little connection!
I'm 11w 2 days, and my nausea seems to have abated some. I still am not showing much ( I did more quickly with my last one), haven't gotten to hear the heartbeat yet or see an U/S....and it's like, I wonder, am I really pregnant? Does anyone else feel this way? Although, I have felt some movement, usually when I'm still, lying down with my number 2. It feels kind of like a little fish flop. This pregnancy is just so different than my other two, I hope I can get some...
I always want it MORE when I'm pregnant!
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